Sata Cabinet ‘docile’

PRESIDENT Michael Sata’s Cabinet is the most docile of all times and has completely failed to defend itself and the Head of State from accusations by the cartel that the Patriotic Front (PF) government is full of corrupt and tribal ministers, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged.

He has said it was shocking that Cabinet had remained “solemnly quiet” while their members were being accused and attacked by a clique of individuals who were angry that President Sata sacked Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the PF.

Mr Changala advised Cabinet ministers that they should realise that following the dismissal of Mr Kabimba from government, the cartel had adopted a new dimension in its crusade to divide the ruling party by slandering and maligning selected ministers and senior party members.

He said cabinet must accept that the existence of a cartel in government and the PF was not fiction and that the clique could become more vicious following the departure of Mr Kabimba from government.

Mr Changala said it was not surprising that the cartel was demonising and condemning ministers appointed by President Sata while at the same time isolating the Head of State who they have been praising and eulogising.

He said it was not difficult to discern and understand the schemes of the cartel whose covert strategy was to continue eulogising President Sata with the aim of making him reverse his decision and recall Mr Kabimba back into government.

Mr Changala said ministers loyal to President Sata must know that the ultimate goal of the cartel was to resurrect Mr Kabimba so that he could be brought back into government.

“The campaign by the cartel in its attempt to alienate some Cabinet ministers from President Sata has taken a new dimension.   The cartel has waged a campaign that is meant to divide Cabinet and the party. They are condemning ministers, calling them corrupt, tribal and people who are practicing nepotism while praising President Sata. The ultimate goal for such a scheme is to make President Sata reverse the dismissal of Mr Kabimba and have him recalled into government. The biggest challenge I have is that I have never seen such a docile cabinet that can be accused of being corrupt, tribal and practising nepotism without defending itself,” Mr Changala said. The civil rights activist wondered what the ministers were fearing  to defend themselves from the sustained attacks by the cartel.

Mr Changala said the accusations of corruption, tribalism and nepotism were coming from their own faithful allies and friends and yet the ministers were “dead scared” to challenge the allegations against them.

“This Cabinet must be told that a lie told many times according Nazi  Joseph Goebbels often becomes the truth and the cartel has been spewing all sorts of lies against Cabinet ministers and we have no one to challenge the clique. What is it they are fearing?” Mr Changala asked.

He said this was the time Zambians were missing Mike Mulongoti, Ronnie Shikapwasha, late Ben Tetamashimba and Dr Vernon Mwaanga who served as government spokespersons at different times and never allowed a lie to be peddled without being challenged. He stated that Mr Mulongoti, General Shikapwasha, Mr Tetamashimba and Dr Mwaanga could never allow individuals to cannibalise the truth the way the cartel was currently doing without being put to shame.


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  1. Mr Changala you are wrong. The Patriotic Front (PF) government is full of corrupt and tribal ministers. That is why they cannot argue against what Fred Mmembe is saying. A fact is a fact no matter whether it is said by the Post or other. Instead commend the Post for telling the truth.

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