New political party flops

AN inter-tribal political party that was touted as the answer to Zambia’s political troubles has flopped.

The party, Genuine People’s Platform (GPP) has been hit by serious leadership disarray as former leaders in the MMD were accused of positioning themselves for top positions.

Sources confirmed to the Daily Nation that both former and current senior MMD officials had given themselves positions in the GPP positions but the interim leadership of the party has allegedly refused to step aside.

Sources said the former MMD leaders felt that they needed to provide leadership and asked front runners to register the platform.

A search by the Newspaper revealed that the GPP was registered on 26th June, 2014 with its address at plot number12494 on Central street, Chudleigh in Lusaka and is being headed by interim president David Chanda, a lawyer.

“We know that these same leaders were positioning themselves for leadership but confusion ensued so some of them have opted out. These people in the interim executive have made it clear that they would not want to allow those that had served as cabinet ministers and at diplomatic level to be in the leadership of the new party.

“There also plans to merge the party with another political party and they are currently talking. The big men from the opposition political parties are arguing that they have the money and they will take care of all the party business but some people who positioned themselves for president felt betrayed. I can confirm that one of them has since left the group,” said source.

The source alleged also that the party was being organised by Maj Kachingwe but when contacted he denied registering the new political party as he was busy with farming.

The source alleged that former Kabwe Central member of Parliament Austin Chewe was also approached by the named former leaders in the MMD to lead the GPP.

“They believe there is lack of leadership in the nation hence the coming up of the platform. The PF is for Bembas and UPND is for Southerners but they are saying that they wanted to provide a platform to all Zambians. Be mindful that others who positioned themselves to be president for the party have pulled out because of massive objection from the members,” the source said.

When the Daily Nation visited plot 12494 in Chudleigh where the political party is registered as its address, it was revealed that the house belonged to Mr Vincent Mwaka Chitambo and he had nothing to do with the political organisation

Mrs Chitambo told the Daily Nation that they had been living there since 2004 and that as a couple they were not in any way associated with the new political party.

They wondered why some unknown people had decided to use their plot address without consulting them.

Efforts to get  Mr David Chanda failed as his whereabouts were unknown.

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