Purge ‘rebel’ PF MPs- Chisala

CHILUBI Member of Parliament (MP) Obius Chisala has demanded the immediate suspension of Kankoyo Member of Parliament Levy Chabala and his Kanfinsa counterpart Moses Chishimba for openly aligning themselves to Wynter Kabimba who was until three week ago justice minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF)

Mr Chisala has appealed to the party’s new secretary general Edgar Lungu to call for elections at all levels of the PF so that the ruling party could cleanse itself from the clique of individuals that is determined to hijack the leadership of the party.

Mr Chisala, who is Gender and Child Development deputy minister, said there was need to instill discipline in the party by suspending all defiant MPs and members who have openly exhibited disloyalty to President Michael Sata by condemning and challenging his bold decision to sack Mr Kabimba from government and party positions.

He said it was indiscipline of the highest order for some MPs to have started acting as rebel members of the party by fanning confusion and despondency in the party following the dismissal of Mr Kabimba.

Mr Chisala has also attacked the Post Newspaper for allegedly causing confusion in the ruling party by constantly attacking ministers President Sata had appointed to work with in his government.

He told the Daily Nation that in 2010, a number of MPs had petitioned President Sata to sack Mr Kabimba and expel him from the party because he had brought confusion in the party.

He stated that President Sata had tolerated Mr Kabimba for a long time with the hope that the former secretary general was going to reform and begin respecting authority and other members but that it had become clear that he (Kabimba) became so powerful that he wanted to be worshiped.

Mr Chisala said the PF had never been at peace since Mr Kabimba joined the party in 2009 and that it was annoying that people who were new in the party were harassing founder members.

“Making comments against President Sata’s bold decision to fire Kabimba is tantamount to fighting the Head of State. All those who are making wild allegations against Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili and other ministers President Sata has appointed to work with must be suspended immediately. The sacking of Mr Kabimba was a dream come true for many PF members and the general public and I pay tribute to President Sata for saving the party from the clique that wanted to hijack it because of greed for power. The PF was gone with Mr Kabimba as secretary general but there is relief with his departure and we all celebrated,” Mr Chisala said.

Mr Chisala said the PF was aware that the cartel was still active and that their continued stay in government and party hierarchy was causing confusion.

He said the party was aware that a number of MPs in Lusaka, Central, Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula provinces were supporting Mr Kabimba with his alleged presidential ambitions, adding that there was still disunity in the party because the cartel was still part of the governance system.

Mr Chisala said Kabwata MP Given Lubinda was a victim of Mr Kabimba’s purging of PF loyallists, adding that former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was forced to resign as PF chairman for elections because of frustrations from the clique.