Chipimo urges scrutiny of leaders

ZAMBIANS must seriously scruitinise and judge all politicians seeking the office of the President rather than waiting for a disastrous and disappointing tenure in office after they are given power, NAREP president Elias Chipimo has said.

Mr. Chipimo said Zambians should stop voting for politicians into power based on listening to their many promises and instead take time to scruitinise their lifestyle and things which surround them.

“You should be able to judge a politician before he comes into power rather than listen to his promises. Look at his life, the Bible’s Liven says watch your life and your doctrine closely and by doing so you save both yourself and your ears,” said Mr. Chipimo when he featured on Hot FM’s hot seat programme yesterday.

He said power did not make any person better but those qualities one already had.

Mr Chipimo said if one was a bully before getting into power, they would continue being bullies even if they were voted into power;

“So if you are a bully you will be a bully when you are given power, if you insult you will be insulting when you have power.

If you are a humaniser you will continue when given power; and if you like stealing you will continue with those bad traits when you are given power and that should not surprises us. And this is why Zambians should open their eyes and see through the kind of people they give leadership of the country to,” said Mr. Chipimo.

He said Zambians had a huge task ahead of them to analyse all politicians seeking the office of the President before 2016.

Mr. Chipimo also said politicains should stop sweet talking poor people about the things they promise to do when they are voted into power.

“What Zambians should do now is to look closely at these people lining up for the Presidency and scruitinise them in detail,  we should no longer say that ‘maybe he will change,’ he said.

Mr. Chipimo urged Zambians to look at politicians’ consistencies, saying it was the duty of everyone who cared the most about the country to look back and scrutinise the statements by politicians.

“Ask them questions if they offer solutions when they see the PF not doing well or do they just condemn everything the PF does? Look at what they have said, have they offered solutions, or they just simply condemn? Then you will know the direction the country will go if you voted them into power,” he said.

And Mr. Chpimo has said running an opposition political party in Zambia was not easy.

He said running an opposition party was expensive and painful.

“You cannot run politics successfully without resourcers, no matter how small,  it is something that every political party has to graple with,” Mr Chipimo said.

He said the ruling party was fortunate to use government resources and government media.

“For example if you watch ZNBC news and ZANIS news, what you see is propangada being channeled by the PF showing that it is developing infrastructure even if they are doing it wrongly and at a high cost,” Mr Chipimo said.

He said the opposition in Zambia faced serious problems such as the ever growing voilent conduct of PF cadres who at some point beat up NAREP supporters found wearing the party regalia who were propagating the NAREP vision.