‘I can’t reconcile with her’

A 33-year-old man has refused to reconcile with his wife at Boma Local Court in Lusaka because she is disrespectful.

McDonald Munanzwa of Chilulu compound was testifying in a case in which his wife Violet Zimba, 27, of Ng’ombe compound sued him for reconciliation on allegation that he ran away from the matrimonial home.

The two got married in 2007 and they have two children. Dowry was paid.

Zimba told the court that although they had little misunderstanding when they got married but the major problem occurred on July 27, 2014 at 20:00 hours when she told Munanzwa to reduce the volume of the radio.

She said she had sent her child to the bedroom to tell Munanzuwa to reduce the volume but he got annoyed and started beating her.

“When I came from church in the morning I found that he got his clothes and a computer and left the matrimonial home. I phoned him but he said he was at his friend. After three days, I followed him at his workplace to apologize but he refused to reconcile with me,” she said.

Zimba said after a month Munanzuwa came back home with his aunt and packed clothes and took her to her mother.

She said that on September 7, 2014 Munanzuwa sent his brother to bring household goods to her.

In cross-examination, Zimba said that she did not insult or shout at him but he just beat her over the volume of the radio.

Asked by the court if they sat to resolve the matter, Zimba said that they sat but Munanzuwa refused to reconcile.

In his defence, Munanzuwa said that they have been differing with Zimba since they got married because she was disrespectful.

He explained that they exchange bitter words and that when she is annoyed she denies him conjugal rights and stops conducting house chores.

Munanzuwa added that Zimba was also careless with finances when he gives her money to pay school fees for children.

He said he decided to take Zimba to her parents because he saw that he could not stay with her. Munanzuwa said that he tried to resolve the matter with elders in 2011 but Zimba could not change.

In submission, Zimba said that she wanted to reconcile with Munanzuwa because she has never seen anything wrong in him. Munanzuwa refused to reconcile with Zimba because she is disrespectful.

Passing judgment, Senior Court Magistrate Kalunga Chansa sitting with Senior Court Magistrate Contridah Kamono said that there was dishonest in the marriage because Munanzuwa went to spend a night out with his friend who could be a girlfriend.

He said that he could not force a marriage since Munanzuwa refused to reconcile. He said that it was up to one of them to sue for divorce.