New party GPP dispels leadership wrangles

THE Genuine Peoples Platform (GPP) says there are no leadership wrangles within the party and that the insinuations that some MMD leaders who were cabinet ministers and diplomats are trying to hijack the GPP are preposterous.

The GPP said in a statement to the Daily Nation that it was yet to have its general assembly and believes that no single individual or organisation could determine who would be elected to any position in the party except those who would show interest to vie for positions in the new party..

The statement said the GPP was for all Zambians including practicing politicians who believed they had a calling for leadership and a new way of doing politics in Zambia which was the essence of democracy.

“It is with extreme disappointment that we read today’s headline story in the Daily Nation. It has been our considered view that in the recent past, the Daily Nation has been making an effort to be a professional private newspaper but clearly this is not a long term objective. We are aware that the Daily Nation reserves the right not to reveal its sources but we also know that sources have to have verifiable evidence and give stories that should accurate.

The statement further said it was happy that the GPP was described as an inter-tribal grouping as this was the reason it had no president to head the platform and that it was headed by trustees referred to as the committee of citizens.

“A presidential candidate will be elected from eligible members and Zambians as a flag bearer in an election only. This is in response to the current debate that constitutions of all the current political organisations and even the national constitution deposit too much power in one person thereby eroding the democratic strength of institutions of democracy such as Parliament, judiciary and the civil society.

“You will also notice that our symbol is about all citizens, the family, on a platform, depicting our joy, struggles and our wealth as one nation. Our constitution is currently under a thorough review and will be posted on our face book page very soon together with details of a launch date,” it said.