Sata deserves rest

PRESIDENT Michael Sata deserves a rest and this is perfectly in order.

The events of yesterday at the official opening of the National Assembly are evident enough that Zambians should all come to the harsh reality that their President is not enjoying good health and he deserves a rest.

We have said this before that President Sata is perfectly entitled to leave and this is in the Constitution of Zambia.

In the current scenario, Article 39 (1) comes to mind to deal with the situation at hand.

The article deals with the discharge of the function of the President during absence and illness. 

It states;(1) “Whenever the President is absent from Zambia or considers it desirable so to do by reason of illness or for any other cause, he may by direction in writing, authorise the Vice-President, or where the Vice-President is absent from Zambia or incapable of discharging the functions of the office of President, any other person, to discharge such functions of the office of President as he may specify, and the Vice-President or such other person may discharge those functions until his authority is revoked by the President”.

This simply means that President Sata can take leave by taking into consideration the provision of the constitution until he is well enough to resume his duties.

We say so because this call for a rest is not outside the laws of Zambia.

The framers of the supreme law of Zambia, as contentious as the document is, were alive to such situations and provided for a rest whenever a President was not enjoying a clean bill of health.

Zambians cannot continue seeing their President subjected to strenuous duties when they well know that their Head of State is unwell.

Those who watched him on television and even those who were privileged to be at Parliament can confess that their President deserves some time away from his busy office.

This rest does not only apply to the President as even other workers in Zambia are also entitled to time off whenever their health fails them.

Zambians are not cruel human beings to refuse to allow their President to rest when they suspect he is not on top of things health-wise.

What can be mistaken for disapproval among Zambians to allow their President to proceed on leave may probably be as a result of the manner with which his handlers have attempted to deal with the absence of the head of State without following legal channels.

Some Government leaders have tried to hide the Head of State instead of following the provisions of the law to be undertaken.

But Zambians are not cold-hearted but empathic to such situation and would allow their Head of State to recuperate so that at an appropriate time he could resume his duties.

President Sata deserves a rest to recuperate and the Constitution of Zambia is right on his side.