Two PF ‘rebel’ MPs face axe

COPPERBELT Patriotic Front (PF) chairman Sturdy Mwale has warned that he is going to suspend Kankoyo Member of Parliament (MP) Levy Chabala along with his Kanfinsa counterpart Moses Chishimba for aligning themselves to Wynter Kabimba who was until three weeks ago justice minister and secretary-general of the party.

Mr Mwale said Mr Chabala and Mr Chishimba had exhibited gross indiscipline by defying President Michael Sata’s decision to fire Mr Kabimba as justice minister and secretary-general of the PF and warned that the two parliamentarians risk being expelled from the party if they continued with their rebellious behavior.

Mr Mwale said it was clear that the two PF legislatures had rebelled against President Sata and the PF by aligning themselves with Mr Kabimba who he described as a destructive leader.

He told the Daily Nation that the ruling party was aware that some MPs and district commissioners (DCs) on the Copperbelt were not loyal to President Sata and the PF and that the ruling party would soon embark on a crusade to purge all those exhibiting rebellious behaviour.

Mr Mwale disclosed that Mr Kabimba was warned against being too ambitious but that  he ignored the advice because he allegedly believed he was untouchable.

He said the party was happy that Mr Kabimba was fired because the former justice minister had allegedly made the ruling party extremely unpopular because of his “antagonistic and acrimonious style of administration”. Mr Mwale said as the head of the PF on the Copperbelt, he would next week call for a meeting to discuss the suspension of Mr Chabala and Mr Chishimba from the party because their behavior was inimical to the well-being and unity of the PF and President Sata.

He said the ruling party was angry that a named daily tabloid was orchestrating schemes to divide the party by praising and eulogizing President Sata while at the same time demonizing his government.

“As head of the PF on the Copperbelt, I am warning Mr Chabala and Mr Chishimba including all the district commissioners who have openly rebelled against President Sata and the PF that we are going to suspend them. We can even expel them from the party so that we can have by-elections in their constituencies. They have exhibited gross indiscipline by defying President Sata’s decision to sack Kabimba who was such a destructive leader in our party. His moles have continued reporting to him but let them know that we are monitoring their clandestine and covert activities. Time will soon catch up with them,” Mr Mwale said. He warned that the party in the region was not going to tolerate any member who would be found sowing seeds of despondency in the party because the ruling party had become peaceful and united after the dismissal of Mr Kabimba.

He said a named tabloid had been mourning and weeping the dismissal of Mr Kabimba because they were in an alliance to usurp party and State power from President Sata, adding that he had instructed party members on the Copperbelt to stop buying the newspaper because its agenda was to promote anarchy in the party and the country as a whole.

Mr Mwale disclosed that some MPs and DCs on the Copperbelt had been having dark corner meetings at which they were planning to cause confusion so that President Sata should find it difficult to govern the country. “Those supporting Mr Kabimba should understand that the PF was much bigger than individuals and that those worshiping the former secretary general should advise him to form his own political party to test his popularity and political strength. “We protected the party from being hijacked and we are going to protect President Sata with all our political strength. We have to act very fast because the cartel is vicious and dangerous. The PF was badly contaminated and it is time to cleanse it,” Mr Mwale said.

He has dismissed assertions that Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili had launched his presidential campaign stating that if the minister had such ambitions, he could have been doing his campaigns within his heart.