ABZ questions GPP identity

THE opposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) has challenged the Genuine People’s Platform (GPP) to come out in the open if indeed they were a genuine people’s platform.

ABZ Lusaka province chairperson Philemon Mwape said it was difficult for Zambians to trust such a movement if the owners opted to remain anonymous.

Mr Mwape was reacting to a story by the Daily Nation on Saturday entitled “New party GPP dispels leadership wrangles” in which no specific individual from the party in question was mentioned to have released the statement.

He wondered why a party would fail to exercise the principle of full disclosure and transparency when it was claiming to be genuine.

ABZ has since challenged people behind the new party to come out in the open because Zambia was a multiparty democracy and had a right to exist under the dispensation.

“As ABZ, we uphold tenets of democracy and good governance and we welcome the birth of the new party so that we can embrace them. If they do not do that soon, they may begin to raise doubt in the mind of the public about their true identity,” Mr Mwape said.

He said also that the ABZ would be very happy if the new party could consider joining the opposition alliance but not until they demonstrated transparency and accountability in terms of whom they were.