Anti-Kambwili group faces axe

THE dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF) has exposed those whose loyalty was divided between the former chief executive officer of the ruling party and President Michael Sata, Copperbelt Minister Mwenye Musenge has observed.

Mr Musenge said what was currently happening in the ruling party where some MPs on the Copperbelt together with some selected PF officials have launched a malicious campaign against Sport Minister Chishimba Kambwili was an eye- opener.

He said the squabbles in the ruling party had helped the leadership to know who was loyal to President and who was against his leadership, adding that it was unfortunate that some people had deliberately twisted facts to suit their agenda.

Mr Musenge, who is Nkana PF Member of Parliament, told the Daily Nation that some people in connivance with some media houses had chosen to deliberately misconstrue President Sata words to cause confusion in the party.

He said he was part of the meeting where President allegedly commented on Roan Member of Parliament’s presidential campaign but did not agree with the impression being created that Mr Kambwili was campaigning for the presidency.

Mr Musenge warned Kankoyo Member of Parliament Levy Chabala and his Kamfinsa counterpart Moses Chishimba to desist from attacking Mr Kambwili and giving the impression that their utterances were representative of other Parliamentarians on the Copperbelt.

He said as Copperbelt minister, he was aware that the region did not have a spokesperson for MPs and that the statements by Mr Chabala and Mr Moses Chishimba were personal views because PF and its other MPs in the region did not subscribe to their sentiments.

Mr Musenge said the Copperbelt was the hub of senior central committee members that included Wilbur Simuusa, Yamfwa Mukanga, Esther Banda, Joseph Katema and Mr Kambwili among others who could speak on party matters with authority.

“The debate on whether Mr Kambwili has presidential ambitions is a non-issue. I was part of that meeting where it is purported that President Sata said Mr Kambwili was campaigning for the presidency and this issue has deliberately been misconstrued by people pushing their own agenda. We do not have a spokesperson as Copperbelt MPs and Mr Chabala and Mr Moses Chishimba should stop claiming that they are speaking on our behalf. However, what is happening is helping us know one another and is checking our loyalty to President Sata who is our vision career,” he said.

Mr Musenge said those who were working at causing confusion in the party should know that they were only exposing themselves of who they truly were in the party.

He said Mr Chabala and Mr Moses Chishimba and other people making the loudest noise in the party were new and that if they wanted to last, it would be important for them to emulate the founder and loyal members of the PF. Mr Musenge said when the PF was going through difficulties, some MPs rebelled against President Sata and the party by joining the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) while he (Musenge) along with other loyal MPs followed the directive of Mr Sata who was at the time in the opposition.

He said leadership came from people and that those demonizing Mr Kambwili should understand that President Sata had walked a tough but resilient journey to the presidency.

“My advice to those making noise is that let us focus on President Sata’s vision of developing the country. Let us walk the road of President Sata because we owe our positions to the people. Those who have been making the loudest noise over a non-issue regarding Mr Kambwili, people are judging them. Let them be cautious with their activities and no matter how loud they will blow the trumpet, they will not achieve anything. Let them take a leaf from founder members if they want to last,” Mr Musenge said.


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  1. daily nation help us,we are tired of being intimidated by the DC’s office in choma whenever thers a govement function.we are jst told u pay so much money, targeted companies,swasco,seedco,chinese construction jst to mention a few. When you dont pay its trouble. We want acc to follow up and see where thousands of our money go to.With the k1000 breakfast at leons hall and k250 dinner at tonga museum this weekend. function organised by the Dc Debs and ED choma museum, who is the beneficiary of all these monies?this is abuse of office.

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