Committees dissolved as MMD reorganises

THE Copperbelt MMD provincial executive committee along with a number of district and constituency committees has been dissolved in a restructuring process of the former ruling party, MMD national chairman Muhabi Lungu has announced

And the MMD has described the performance of the Patriotic Front (PF) in the three years it has been in government as disastrous and has called on Zambians to reject the ruling party in 2016 to avoid perpetual economic, social and political suffering.

Mr Lungu said the dissolution of the committees was aimed at curing the current deficiencies so that the former ruling party can position itself in good stead for the 2016 general elections.

He said although the measures being taken to restructure and reenergize the former ruling party were painful, it was important to take such actions now rather than wait until election time to solidify the structures of the opposition political party.

Mr Lungu said following the disappointing performance of the MMD in the just ended by-elections, it was decided that the former ruling party adopted the mantra of no sacred cows in its effort to reorganize itself in readiness for the 2016 general elections which by law were only 24 months away.

He said the MMD had resolved to dissolve the entire Copperbelt provincial executive committee with the view of appointing an interim committee that would be mandated to superintend on the reorganization of the former ruling party at district and constituency levels and has appointed Denson Chisunka to act as provincial chairman. The MMD has appointed Elizabeth Mataka, Tobi Maliti, Bruno Mukeya and Chiko Chibale as members of the interim executive committee of the Copperbelt Province.

The Western Province provincial committee has been given a month to fill all positions that were vacant with the objective of preparing for the national convention in 2015.

Other MMD provincial committees that have been affected by the restructuring include North-Western, Central and Luapula Provinces where some district and constituency committees have been dissolved.

“The process of restructuring and reorganizing ourselves will not be easy and may affect our future contests in the political arena but we do not have a choice if we have to solidify and reenergize the party. We are embarking on drastic and brutal process and it will be painful but we are not going to have members who are non-committal and be held to ransom.

All well-meaning members of the MMD who care deeply about the party are in agreement that although we should not lose hope and be down-cast with paralysis, we have to accept that drastic measures have to be taken in order for our circumstances to change,” Mr Lungu said.

Mr Lungu explained that while no action had been taken against some NEC members who have breached the party rules and regulations, it was important for such members to know that they could be removed from the national executive.

He said some members of NEC had not been participating in party activities and that some had not even helped the former ruling party in the campaigns for the numerous by-elections that have so far been conducted. Mr Lungu said a list of seven non-active NEC members had been drawn and that the party would be visiting them to find out why their participation in party activities had been irregular.

The MMD has also decided to reopen applications for consideration of candidates in Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies and that it was no longer automatic that the former holders of the seats would be re-adopted.

And Mr Lungu said the performance of the PF in the last three years could not be compared to what the MMD achieved in the three years under President Rupiah Banda as most of the economic infrastructure programmes being implemented were initiated by the former ruling party.

Mr Lungu said the Kazungula Bridge that the PF was praising itself for was planned by the MMD during the reign of President Levy Mwanawasa (late) adding that preparations for the construction of the bridge were started by President Banda.

He said the PF had not met more than 80 percent of its pledges it made to the people at the time it was seeking to enter into a covenant with Zambians.