I’m a prostitute-victim

 A 16-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl of Lusaka who accused a 21-year-old man of having raped her 18 times in nine days has told a Lusaka magistrates court that she was a prostitute and she had slept with different men in exchange for money.

The juvenile said this yesterday when she was cross-examined by defence lawyer Keith Mweemba.

She said she had slept with a lot of men and during the period of June when she was allegedly raped by Collins Siantomba she had sexual encounters with four different men and that she was a mischievous person.

This is in a case in which Siantomba is on June 22 and 30 alleged to have had unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl aged 16 without her consent.

She said her first sexual encounter was with a Michael at a lodge in Mandevu who paid her K200.00 and she also slept with another man whose name she could not remember.

She further told the court that she also had sexual intercourse with Andrew in a school dormitory when her roommate was away and that he had only given her money for a drink.

Asked by  Mr Mweemba why she had decided to bring Siantomba to court when she had sexual encounters with different other men, the girl said Siantomba had raped her because when Siantomba went to her house he had told her that Henry, whom she claimed to be her boyfriend, wanted to see her and give her some money.

When she went to Siantomba’s house she did not find Henry and it was at that time when Siantomba asked for sex and when she refused Siantomba tied her hands and detained her for nine days during which he raped her twice a day.

Asked by Mr Mweemba if she had screamed for help from the neighbours she said she could not shout for help because Siantomba had covered her mouth.

Mr Mweemba told her that her testimony was fabricated because during re-examination with the State prosecutor she had stated that the accused used to untie her every time he had sexual intercourse with her.

She was also asked how she survived for nine days without eating, drinking water and going to the toilet, she told the court that she survived by the grace of God and that Siantomba used to leave her a blue dish which she could used to answer the call of nature.

Mr Mweemba asked the girl how come she could not get pregnant when she was raped 18 times and did not use any protection; she said it was possible that she was barren.

Magistrate Humphrey Chitalu adjourned the matter to October 10 for a continuation of trial


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