Motor racing expensive sport- Kapala

MOTOR racing is an expensive sporting activity for most Zambians to participate in, new kid on the block in motor rally Chibula Kapala has said.

Kapala, 29, said motor rally was not like soccer where one bought soccer boots and sheen pads to go on the pitch and start running up and down.

He said people who wanted to join motor sports should invest heavily in cars at individual level before they could look elsewhere.

Kapala, who is a novice in the sport said, “Rally is not the cheapest sport to get into; it’s not like football where you just buy soccer boots and sheen pads and then you go on the pitch to play. There is some financial investments required to start. You need to look at your pocket and what your plans are like.”

He said Zambia has produced some of the best rally drivers on the continent, winning 12 Africa Rally Championships (ARC) all together.

Kapala said Zambia has won most of the Africa Rally Championships compared to any other country on the continent and, therefore, it was not only champion in soccer but also in motor sports.

He said Zambia was lucky to have produced the best rally drivers among them Satwant Singh who he said his record would never be beaten by anyone.

“We have had the legendary Satwant Singh who has won it eight times, Muna Singh senior has won it twice, Mohammad Essa has won it once together with Jassy Singh. When you look at that Zambia produces not only very good soccer players but also rally drivers”.

Kapala said Zambians should develop interest in rallying, adding that he was happy to see more drivers participating in motor sports.

“The sport is attracting new drivers. I am just one of them. We need more numbers in this sport.  We have had Geoffrey Kapala. We have Geoffrey Chulu, Ken Mukosa,  Kelvin Mulanga and many others,” said Kapala.

He said rallying should not be perceived as a sport for Zambians of Indian origin alone, adding that people should develop interest in the sport.