PF rule has been nightmare for Zambians

THE three years of the Patriotic Front in office has been a disaster and nightmare for many Zambians, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has observed.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that the PF rule has been a disaster.

Mr. Mwanza said President Michael Sata was still running an experimental type of government which has put Zambians in serious trouble since forming government three years ago.

“The decision by Zambians to remove the MMD from power and replace them with the PF has put them into serious trouble. It is like jumping from a frying pan right into the fire,” said Mr. Mwanza.

He recalled how the PF ran a persuasive campaign in order to form government saying all the promises made had failed.

“The PF ran a persuasive campaign, sugar-coated with promises of low prices, low taxes, more money in people’s pockets, more jobs, respect for human rights and the rule of law, a new people-driven Constitution, media freedom, reintroduction of windfall taxes and better schools among others,” said Mr. Mwanza.

He said since PF formed government three years ago Zambians have not seen better hospitals, adding that the agriculture sector was still struggling to stand.

Mr. Mwanza said poverty levels and corruption had increased under the leadership of the PF, adding that the 90 days period was a joke.

“Today, three years down the line all these promises have turned into lies. Instead of more jobs, the PF has imposed a two-year employment freeze. Instead of more money in people’s pockets, the PF has imposed a two-year wage freeze.

Instead of farmers receiving 15 bags of fertilizer as promised, they are receiving 2 bags in February. Instead of more health personnel in our clinics, the PF fired nurses when the country had a shortfall of over 20 000 health personnel,” said Mr. Mwanza.

Mr. Mwanza explained that under the PF government and its three-year rule, Zambia has seen unprecedented increase in fuel and mealie meal prices and electricity tariffs.

“The cost of water tariffs has increased, electricity has increased to abnormal levels, transport, school fees have doubled. The value of the Kwacha has tumbled. Today the lending and interest rates have doubled. Today instead of running a lean and effective government, the PF is running a family forest with two or more deputy ministers in one ministry doing nothing but duplicating each other’s jobs, enjoying hefty salaries and allowances while over 50 percent of our children are malnourished and hundreds of expecting mothers are giving birth on floors of our clinics and hospitals daily,” he said.

He said  that instead of reintroducing the windfall tax on mining companies to ensure that Zambians benefited, the PF ministers were busy colluding and sharing contracts with the Chinese to the detriment of the people.

“Today our country has been reduced to a debt-ridden nation and loans which cannot be accounted for are contracted every month. Today the media is barred even to cover the President live at Parliament and those who have asked for the release of the draft Constitution are told that they are yapping,” said Mr. Mwanza.

Mr. Mwanza said the PF would leave a legacy of a deceitful, arrogant, irresponsible and irresponsive government.

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