‘Scott must be fired’

PRESIDENT Michael Sata should consider firing his Vice-President Guy Scott for allegedly being non-functional and a liability to the presidency, government and the country as a whole, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

Mr Changala said to mitigate the challenges, weaknesses and lapses that are obtaining at State House; President Sata should dismiss Dr Scott and appoint a vibrant energetic and focused Vice-President that would help the Head of State govern effectively.

He accused Dr Scott of being completely irrelevant to the governance system of the country and that he was only filling up space in government.

Mr Changala said since Dr Scott was appointed Vice-President; he had contributed nothing to the good governance of the country as his role had only been ceremonial.

He told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott had been symbolically a ceremonial Vice-President who had not helped President Sata to effectively govern the country.

Mr Changala stated that Dr Scott had spent most of his time as Vice-President annoying Zambians with his jokes on serious national issues that could have been wisely addressed had the country been given a vibrant deputy to President Sata.

Mr Changala said Dr Scott had seriously mishandled the proceedings in Parliament as leader of Government business and should therefore not be allowed to continue representing government.

He stated that the Vice-President as leader of government business in the House had completely mishandled the debate on the constitution-making debate because of the manner he used to answer questions from the opposition Members of Parliament.

The civil rights activist explained that when President Sata travelled to Israel sparking speculation and innuendoes about his (Sata) health, Dr Scott chose to joke and trivialize the debate over the health of the Head of State.

“My call and request to President Sata is that he must drop Dr Scott as his Vice-President because he has proved to be a big liability to the smooth governance of the country. President Sata deserves a young, energetic, vibrant and focused Vice-President who could help the Head of State achieve his vision. In order to mitigate what some people are calling the challenges, weaknesses and lapses at State House, President Sata must sack Dr Scott because he is not adding any value to government and the country at large,” Mr Changala said.

He said Dr Scott had outlived his usefulness in the governance of the country and should no longer be part of President Sata’s administration adding that many things had gone wrong in the governance of the country because of the absence of a serious-minded deputy to the Head of State.

Mr Changala stated that going by the events of last Friday where President Sata could not complete his state of the nation address when he opened the fourth session of the Eleventh National Assembly; it had become evident that the Head of State was not in full command of government.

He said it was no longer debatable that someone in government was acting as a surrogate President and pulling strings on behalf of the Head of State.

“Going by the events of last Friday, it is now very clear that President Sata is not in full command of government and the country as a whole. But the question that begs to be answered is who is ruling the country in the background? It is not debatable that someone is pulling strings” Mr Changala said.