Makembo summoned

THE National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) has summoned Zambia Sports Fans Association (ZSFA) patron Peter Makembo for condemning their failure to welcome the national netball team from Botswana where they qualified to the World Cup.

According to a letter issued by the acting general secretary Innocent Chalabesa, Makembo has been summoned over the story published by the Daily Nation Sports where he questioned the reason why the sports council failed to show up when the netballers arrived at Inter City bus terminus on Friday last week.

“We write to advise that you are requested to attend a meeting between ourselves and yourself at NASDEC on Friday September 26, 2014 at 10:00 hours.

“The focus will be on your statement in the Daily Nation newspaper uttered against the government and the National Sports Council of Zambia,” the letter stated.

And Makembo said he will attend the meeting on Friday as requested by the sports council.

“I will go to the meeting according to the letter which they have served me with today. I need to understand why the National Sports Council did not show up to welcome the netball team from Botswana on Friday last week,” he said.

Makembo said he did not understand why the women national team which had brought honour to the country by qualifying to the World Cup in Australia next year could come back from Botswana by public transport. “They came using public transport from Botswana. Where are the government buses? So I will attend the meeting so that they can answer my questions,” he said.

Makembo said sports was not only soccer but it also included netball, pool, table tennis and other disciplines.

“The sports council should not only be seen working during football and boxing tournaments,” he said.Makembo said the ladies needed to be motivated by being welcomed by government officials.

“I will not stop to provid echecks and balances to the National Sports Council because we want sports in the country to develop,” Makembo said.