Continued wrangles in PF will cost them in 2016

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has advised the Patriotic Front (PF) to stop its intra-party squabbles because the succession wrangles that have engulfed the ruling party were a recipe for anarchy.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said the leadership in the ruling party should ceasefire and concentrate on resolving the economic and political challenges the country was facing.

Mr Lifwekelo said the divisions that had rocked the ruling party after the dismissal of Mr Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the PF were not healthy for the development and political stability of the country.

He said there was need for the party zealots to heed the advice of the new secretary general Edgar Lungu who is the acting President to unite so as to foster peace and development in the country.

He said the UPND was deeply concerned with the growing indiscipline in the ruling party and that if it was not checked; it had the potential of eroding investor confidence.

“We would to urge the leadership of the PF to ceasefire and concentrate on resolving the economic and political challenges that have besieged the country. The divisions that have rocked the PF are not healthy to the peace and development of the country apart from being a recipe for anarchy. There is urgent need for PF zealots to heed the call of their new secretary general and acting President Edgar Lungu to unite so as to foster peace and development,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

Mr Lifwekelo said there was no room for error for the PF as Zambians were still expecting the ruling party to fulfill its mega promises it made for its elections in 2011.

He said the creation of jobs and ensuring that there was more money in the people]s pockets should be the pre-occupation of the ruling party and not the continued quarrelling the country had been subjected to in the last three years.

He explained that it was the expectation of Zambians that the PF should have settled and stabilized after three years in government but it was worrying that the divisions were deepening at the expense of good governance and development.

“The PF have the mandate to govern and must stop exhibiting intolerance and learn to be a peaceful party. They have to provide basic necessities such as mealie meal which in the last three years had become astronomically expensive for many poor Zambians. If the PF is going to continue on this path and fail to be united and perform because of the endless in-fighting, they will have themselves to blame in 2016 because Zambians will easily vote them out,” Mr Lifwekelo said.