PRESIDENT Abraham Lincoln of the United States died many decades ago but his followers can comfortably confess that his thoughts on trust were as timed as they are in our our times.

He said; “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

This is what President Lincoln advised when he went about promoting his thoughts about the need for democratic governance.

Unfortunately, this is the situation that some of our colleagues find themselves in after having pretended to have stood on a platform of high moral ground for many years.

These have been people who have over decades, pontificated love for their fellow humans. They have been men and women who have always pretended to stand on the side of justice.

They have been ecclesiastical and according to their gospel, they have stood for the truth, hypnotically deluding Zambians while sowing the seed of hatred, despondency and unfriendliness.    

Over the years, no-one could question them as their veiled evil acts have always been schemed under the cover of darkness.

They have sent many citizens to their early graves with glee because of their lies and treacherous acts.

Today, they still want to masquerade as humans who do not habour hatred against anyone and they want Zambians to believe that while they acknowledge that they do not like enemies, they do not have anything against them. 

These men and women have perfected the art of fooling the ruling class with their miscued praises with the sole purpose of infusing themselves into the governance system…a known fact.

When it suits them, their enemies are their friends and if this newspaper swallowed its principles and ethics and praised them for no more than a second, it would be their comrade in an instant.

The two-man Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) has so far conveniently proved this argument so far. While enjoying the bounties of power, smoothly and romantically calling those with power comrades, they manipulate system for their own selfish benefits.

Their day of reckoning has dawned and their decades’ schemes and manipulation of the people’s minds are catching up with them.

The people who were their comrades are now vampires, jackals, evil and the tribal clique.

Why they have been pontificating how righteous they have been and how they have not benefited from successive government, the opposite has shown that what they have been preaching is untrue.

When the PF formed government, the offloaded most of their staff into government, and according to them, that does not constitute a benefit but we live this to Zambians to judge.

Zambians have seen how dangerous and vicious these characters can be, with just a little provocation, rightly or wrongly.

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda might at this time be the only one whose private conversation has found itself in the public domain but what about other Government officials who could unknowing have been recorded.

What about President Sata who they have been preaching time and again that he is such an upright man when just a few years ago, they called him names, demonised him as the vector of tribalism, corruption and hate.

They are nothing but demagogues.


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  1. this is very true,mmembe and his paper are useless.infact this is exactly what they are doing to richard sakala

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