FODEP warns Sata’s handlers

PRESIDENT Michael Sata’s handlers will be held accountable for allowing the Head of State to travel to the United States for the 69th United Nations general assembly when it was clear that he was unwell, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has warned.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said it was disheartening that Cabinet and First Lady Christine Kaseba could allow President Sata go for such a high level UN meeting when both his physical and vocal sounds had clearly showed that the Head of State was unwell.

Mr Chipenzi has demanded that the National Assembly immediately invokes Article 51 of the Constitution to compel Cabinet to constitute a medical board to examine President Sata’s physical and mental health to continue performing presidential functions.

He told the Daily Nation that Parliament should immediately compel Cabinet to hold an emergence meeting at which a medical board should be constituted because the health of President Sata had extremely become stressful apart from causing anxiety among citizens.

He stated that President Sata’s health was destructing the smooth governance of the country apart from eroding investor confidence because investors were having second thoughts in investing in a country whose political stability was not guaranteed.

Mr Chipenzi said President Sata’s activities as the Head of State had drastically been minimized and that his swearing in ceremonies, hiring and firing have since been stopped because of his health status.

He wondered why Zambians had been kept in the dark about what Mr Sata was doing in New York because from the time he left there had never been any update on his activities apart from what his wife was doing. Mr Chipenzi said President Sata did not go to the UN for a private visit but was on official duties and it was the expectation of Zambians to be informed about what their leader was doing in the United States.

“We are extremely disappointed with the handlers of President Sata who could allow the Head of State to travel to such a high level meeting in such a state of health. It was evident that Mr Sata was unwell when he officially opened the fourth session of the 11th National Assembly and some cruel people in government forced him to travel to the United States in his frail state.” Mr Chipenzi said.He said it was shocking that Mr Sata had been in New York for a week without Zambians being told what he was doing.