PF helped MMD win Kasenengwa – MP

RE-ELECTED Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima has bragged that the Patriotic Front (PF) in its greed to grab her seat ended up financing her campaign to a tune of K15,000, the money which was being given to the electorate to allegedly buy their vote.

And Ms Kalima has mocked former Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF Wynter Kabimba for having left Parliament after his sacking because he depended on being appointed and nominated in all the positions that he held in the ruling party.

Ms Kalima said the PF had unnecessarily spent a lot of money in Kasenengwa constituency in bribing voters but that the people in the area decided to do a “donchi kubeba” on the ruling party by accepting the money but voted for the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

In her second maiden speech in Parliament on Wednesday after her re-election, Ms Kalima said the PF suffered a humiliating defeat in Kasenengwa despite having spent a lot of money in buying votes.

She revealed that part of the money the PF was giving the electorate ended on her table and in her campaign team and thanked the ruling party for having made her campaign easier with what she mockingly saidwas a generous contribution.

Ms Kalima has predicted that the humiliating defeat the PF suffered in Kasenengwa was likely to be repeated in 2016 general elections because Zambians were angry that the ruling party had lamentably failed to run and govern the country to their expectations.

She said that the PF was living in denial that it had remained a very unpopular ruling party ever because of their continued internal succession battles which she stated culminated into the dismissal of Mr Kabimba.

Ms Kalima said Vice-President Guy Scott and many PF ministers trekked to Kasenengwa with the hope of changing the political pendulum towards the ruling party but that the electorate in the area were not interested in the party that had mega promises but with a dismal performance.

“Mr Speaker, I want to thank the PF and its entire campaign team in Kasenengwa for being so generous as to finance my campaigns. Mr Speaker, I received more than K15,000 from the PF for my campaigns. They thought that by bribing voters with money, the people of Kasenengwa would vote for them. They would go to chiefs and other people in the night and give them money in exchange for votes and I would receive the money in the morning” Ms Kalima said.

And Ms Kalima mocked Mr Kabimba saying he had vacated Parliament because of his dependency on getting positions through appointments and nomination.

Ms Kalima said the danger of depending on appointments and nominations was that one was likely to be embarrassed if the appointing authority decided to withdraw their favour.Ms Kalima said she missed Parliament during the debate on the constitution making process and that he she been in the House at the time, she would have joyfully joined in the protests that characterized the last session on the floor of the National Assembly.

“He (Kabimba) is now out there and his own party members are carrying his mock coffins. The danger of depending on getting nominated is that when it is withdrawn, you lose it and that is why it is important to aspire to be elected because then you have people to represent,” Ms Kalima said.