‘I am not Congolese’

A 32-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Garden compound who is accused of concealing her true identity by acquiring a green National Registration Card  purporting to be a Zambian when in fact not  was found with a case to answer and put on her defence by the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

Grace Kaponda, also known as Anna Nsenga, who is alleged to be a Congolese national appeared before Magistrate Muntanga after she was arrested and charged for concealing her true identity.

Kaponda, who denied the charge told the court that she had decided to change her names to Annah Nsenga when she was apprehended when she was found in possession of undisclosed sums of counterfeits notes as she never wanted to disclose her real names  as ‘’Grace Kaponda’’ for fear of discrimination.She said the names Annah Nsenga were used after she was arrested by the immigration officers at Lusaka’s Kamwala Remand when she was heard speaking Swahili when she went to visit her friend who was remanded. In cross-examination Kaponda told the court that her real names were ‘’Grace Kaponda’’ and that the name Nsenga was for her late husband Nsenga who was a Congolese national.

And when asked about the name Annah, she replied that Anna was a name just like any other name and still maintained that her real names were Grace Kaponda.

Kaponda also admitted telling the officers that she was Annah Nsenga and a Congolese national. This was after she was asked whether she recalled disclosing her true identity to the officers, but still maintained that she did that out of ignorance and her true nationality was Zambian.

Kaponda, who was put on defence, told court that she would produce one witness who was going to tell court about her true identity. Particulars of the offence are that Kaponda on March 5, 2014 allegedly concealed her true identity by acquiring a green National Registration Card  number 903770/11/1purporting to be a Zambian when in fact not.

The matter was adjourned to October, 8 for a continuation of defence.