Post crusade is to have Chikwanda fired

THE Post Newspaper has continued blackmailing, demonizing and slandering Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda so as to psychic public hatred among citizens so that they could rise against the minister, civil rights campaigner Brebner Changala has charged.

Mr Changala has also said the continued attacks on Mr Chikwanda were meant to estrange the Finance minister from President Sata so that the Head of State could fire his long-time friend, comrade and compatriot.

Mr Changala said insinuations that Mr Chikwanda had usurped power from President Sata was an attempt to generate public anger and hatred against the Finance minister and has cautioned Zambians to be wary of the Post Newspaper with its propensity to propagate hatred against the people they did not agree with.

He said the Post Newspaper was demonizing Mr Chikwanda because of the favours they had lost following the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the PF.

Mr Changala said inciting and propagating hate speeches against defenseless citizens such as Mr Chikwanda for purposes of separating him from President Sata was not the calling of decent media houses.

He said the Post had gone as far as secretly recording a private conversation Mr Chikwanda was having in his house with the criminal motive of maligning, blackmailing and psychic public hatred against the Finance minister so as to distance him from the Head of State who is a long-time friend and colleague.

Mr Changala has called on what he termed a docile Cabinet to rise and defend Mr Chikwanda who was one of their own and warned that when the Post would be through with the Finance minister, anyone of them would be the next target on the ‘chopping board of slander and blackmail.’

“Why does the Post Newspaper want to control the PF? How much have they got to lose if they stayed away from the PF? PF is not their party and it does not belong to them. I know they want to have control over PF and the government. What have they lost after the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the PF? The Post must stop this behaviour of attacking every Zambian they do not agree with,” Mr Changala said.

He recalled that the Post Newspaper attacked, demonized and verbally abused first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda when it suited them.

Mr Changala said the Post Newspaper demonized, abused and slandered second Republican president Frederick Chiluba up until to his death, adding that the hatred the newspaper exhibited against president Levy Mwanwasa before he yielded to their manipulation was despicable.

He said President Sata, the man they were now praising, was equally a victim of slander, verbal abuse and blackmail when his chances of becoming president were still remote.

Mr Changala stated that immediate past president Rupiah Banda was a victim of the sustained hatred of the Post Newspaper, adding that the newspaper would continue with its campaign against Mr Chikwanda whose only crime was decency.

“Now they are on Mr Chikwanda and who is the next in the line of this dangerous campaign of human destruction. Let the Post Newspaper tell us how much is at stake in the PF for them to have gone vile against citizens perceived to be obstacles to their desires?” Mr Changala wondered.

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  1. Fred Mmembe is a spent force and should not be allowed to demonize people. He doesn’t enjoy the influence he once had its eating him up

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