Pure evil

How many lives has Fred M’membe destroyed?

The late Director of Public Prosecutions Mekalabai Mukelabai was hounded out of office  through  vicious fabrications that forced the late  President  Levy Mwanawasa to appoint a Tribunal that unequivocally discounted the lies published in the concerted campaign.

By the time the truth emerged, damage had been done – an innocent person had suffered irreparable damage. He died in self imposed exile in South Africa leaving behind orphans. Sadly he is not the only one, many other respectable Zambians have suffered similar damages through unprofessional calumny.

Now M’membe has targeted Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda. He has promised not to relent until President Michael Sata  dismisses him.

We hate injustice and we feel that what is happening if extremely unjust.

On one hand M’membe asks for humane consideration over his debts but will not offer an iota of human kindness to those he targets.

A few days ago M’membe informed the nation in an editorial that President Sata had sought his counsel over the appointment of former Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba, who has subsequently fallen out of favour.

We can therefore assume that M’membe holds influence with the President, which influence he now wishes to exercise in ensuring the dismissal of Mr. Chikwanda.

This is disconcerting.

Firstly; ever since Wynter Kabimba was dismissed the country has been treated to tribal verbiage from M’membe in which he has accused a corrupt Bemba clique of usurping presidential authority from the President who had lost his mind.

This wild aspersion, taken in its proper context, means that President Sata is corrupt and has surrounded himself with tribal and corrupt ministers.

 Secondly, no case has been made against the minister. Instead an appeal is  being made to human prejudice, passion and therefore the irrational. It is an argument populum which evokes irrational fears to stop people from questioning issues as there may be no evidence to support an assertion..

As a man who thrives in the cesspool of human depravity, M’membe does not have to prove any point he simply  whips emotions to excite irrational responses. It has worked before and expects it to work in achieving the dismissal of  Mr. Chikwanda.

What is the truth?

M’membe offered counsel to President Sata over the appointment of Wynter.  The results have been self evident. It was a very wrong decision. What is wrong  then for  Mr. Chikwanda, a senior minister who has just presided over the upgrading of Zambia’s economic Fitch standing from negative to positive, offering counsel to the President?

Who is more qualified to offer counsel to the President between Minister Chikwanda and Fred M’membe?

While accusations against Mr. Chikwanda are speculative, there is clear evidence of criminality and wrong doing on the part of M’membe. He has presided over an institution that has not only failed to remit taxes of more than K27billion  which is punishable at law, but is also in court over a misrepresentation of more than K14billion from the Development Bank of Zambia on the defunct Zambian Airways.

These are facts that are before the courts of law.