Scott aggrieved with Kabimba dismissal

VICE-President Guy Scott is aggrieved that President Michael Sata has dismantled his A–Team by sacking Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary-general of the PF, former Kapoche losing candidate Paradius Sakala has said

And Julius Komaki has appealed to President Sata to consider firing Dr Scott because he had publicly declared his loyalty to Mr Kabimba when he said the former justice minister was his (Scott) boss.

Mr Sakala said the ruling party was undergoing a healing process after the dismissal of Mr Kabimba and that Dr Scott should desist from making statements with the potential to cause confusion in the PF and government.

Mr Sakala said while he did not agree with calls that Dr Scott should be fired from his position as Vice-President, it was important that he (Scott) should avoid making statements that could provoke the general membership of the party.

He said Dr Scott, as a senior member of government and the ruling party, should know and understand that the party had laid down procedures and channels of how aggrieved members could air their grievances.

He said Dr Scott was likely to be misunderstood by claiming that there was a group within the PF that was scheming to hound him out of the vice-presidency of both government and the party because the party membership was aware about his loyalty to Mr Kabimba.

Mr Sakala said Dr Scott was on record as saying that the A-Team was a composition of President Sata, Mr Kabimba and himself and that the general membership of the party was of the view that the Vice-President had divided loyalty.

He said Dr Scott had contributed a lot to the growth and victory of the PF despite his weaknesses and should not be the one to take away his own success by accusing some leaders of scheming against him.

“Dr Scott should know that it is not correct to attack the leadership of the party he belongs to publicly because there are channels through which grievances can be tabled. The PF is going through a healing process after the dismissal of Mr Kabimba and Dr Scott should stop grieving and move on. The Vice-President is likely to be misunderstood especially that he is on record as eulogizing Mr Kabimba as his boss. He has contributed a lot to the success of the party despite his weaknesses and he must not be the one to destroy his own achievements,” Mr Sakala said.

Mr Sakala said the PF was aware that there was a group that was determined to destroy the party and advised that Dr Scott should not create a situation where he would be linked to the clique that almost hijacked the party.

But Mr Komaki has appealed to President Sata to consider parting company with Dr Scott because it was evident that his loyalty was divided and that was why he was accusing youths of planning to agitate for his dismissal.

Mr Komaki, the Lusaka district PF strong man who survived one of the bloodiest intra-party violence, said Dr Scott was complaining because he was being troubled by his conscience following the dismissal of Mr Kabimba.

Mr Komaki said Dr Scott should have considered resigning from his positions after Mr Kabimba was fired because the two formed their own A-Team in which they injudiciously included the name of the President. He said it was unfortunate that Dr Scott was demeaning the unemployed youths whom he had promised jobs and more money in their pockets.

“Dr Scott is panicking after President Sata fired Mr Kabimba who was his boss. He is unsure about his loyalty and he is now imagining that some people are sponsoring youths to demonstrate for his sacking. He says unemployed youths, let him tell us how many he has employed since he got a government job?