PF youths warn Mufulira MPs

THE Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt has warned its members trying to frustrate the ruling party to leave.

PF district youth chairman and executive committee member in Mufulira, Brian Mulilo said it was unfair that the party had continued to experience difference at the expense of delivering to the people of Zambia.

Mr Mulilo said he was aware that there were some PF members who wanted to frustrate the efforts of the party and that they should leave before they were hounded out.

He warned all the MPs in Mufulira of serious disciplinary measures should they continue issuing statements that bordered on dividing the party and the nation.

Mr Mulilo stated that any meetings against party decisions were denting the image of the party and that the people of Zambia expected to see the party delivering to their expectation.

He said the PF leadership would not allow indiscipline in the party, which was a drawback to the development of the nation.

Mr Mulilo claimed that PF members were assured that after the removal of secretary general Wynter Kabimba, the ruling party was more united and stronger than ever and therefore it would not allow a situation where some members disrespected other party officials.

“We as a party must strive to work on development to fulfill our promise to deliver to the people of Zambia, and therefore we will not allow some members who wanted to frustrate other people’s efforts in the party,” he said. Mr Mulilo said days were gone when people encouraged politics of hatred, vengeance and selfishness, adding that as the country was about to celebrate 50 years of independence, it was important that all the citizens upheld politics of tolerance.

“Now that the person who was alleged to be bringing confusion in the party is gone, we don’t expect differences any more and we will make sure we get rid of such people should they continue with their business of confusion,” he said.

Mr Mulilo called on the PF law makers in the district to ensure they worked on developing their constituencies in a bid to uplift the livelihood of their electorate and stop the tendency of finger-pointing.