Recording of Chikwanda upsets PF

 THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Lusaka district says it is disappointed with the manner a private conversation of Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda was recorded in his house.

PF information and publicity secretary Mwenya Matafwali said the Post Newspapers had been hurt irrepairably by the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as PF secretary general and Minister of Justice.

He advised the Post not to vent their anger on Mr Chikwanda who has been working to better lives of all Zambians.

Mr Matafwali said it was criminal for the newspaper to invade Mr Chikwanda’s privacy just to satisfy their ego.

“They should learn to respect other people’s rights and privacy so that they can also be respected. If they have turned themselves into a political party let them come out and say so. As PF Lusaka district, under the able leadership of Mr Mulenga Sata, we shall defend our party and our leaders to the letter,” he said.

Mr Matafwali accused the Post of using their friendship with President Sata to mask their aggressive desires.

He said the Post Newspaper was subtle and evasive pretending to be on the side of President Sata in trying to disguise its ulterior motives.


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  1. Please Fred Mmembe air the recording on radio so that we are afforded the opportunity to make a fair and informed judgement of the matter.

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