UPND will not lie to win elections – HH

I WOULD rather tell the truth and lose an election than win one based on falsehoods, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said.

Mr Hichilema said the consequences of telling lies to win an election have cost the country as evidenced in Zambia.

“As a true believer in God, one thing I will not do is attempting to win an election based on falsehoods. I would rather tell the truth and lose an election than win one on falsehoods. My integrity and peace of mind are very important to me,” he said. “The consequences of telling lies and winning using underhand methods are what we are seeing now under the PF government where people are even more depressed because they were told lies just for the vote.”

Mr. Hichilema was speaking in Eastern Province recently when a group of farmers complained to him about PF government’s poor agriculture policies and late payments  to farmers who have supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

He said it was sad that farmers in Eastern Province had resorted to smuggling their maize into Mozambique because their own government could not assist them in opening up markets.

The UPND leader took advantage of the meeting to present the UPND manifesto which he said was anchored on four pillars which included prudent economic management, agriculture and food security, education, and health.

“The PF is only boasting of building roads when that is the responsibility of any government. But all these roads are MMD roads. What PF is doing is akin to a builder that boasts of building a house that he had no input into. PF has no new programmes. Those road contracts are only good for the PF corrupt clique that is benefiting at the expense of the people of Zambia and our future generations who will pay back the loans being used to build these roads,” Mr Hichilema said.

Mr. Hichilema said the UPND would rather borrow for productive sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing. He wondered how Zambia could be importing brake-pads when young men at Chilenje market could bond brake-pads for cars.

He said money generated from productive sectors could be used to build, rehabilitate, and maintain roads without any danger of the country accruing more debt.

“I am always distressed and actually feel depressed when I hear that farmers or indeed any workers have not been paid their dues on time when they have worked for it. Farming is hard work and I think hard work must be rewarded and not punished”, Mr. Hichilema said.