Fake electric cables, polish confiscated

Over K80,500 worth of counterfeit electric cables have been confiscated by the Zambia Bureau of Standards in Lusaka.

And ZABS has also withdrawn 632 dozens of counterfeit shoe polish worth K34, 760 with the brand name ‘Kiwi’ from the market around the city.

ZABS acting director Margeret Lungu announced in Lusaka yesterday that this followed a series of surveillance inspections of some outlets involved in the retail of electric cables used in the construction industry. Ms Lungu said some counterfeit cables included brand names like ‘power trust’, ‘flexible wires’, ‘zaks cable’ and ‘emkay cables’.

She said such products compromised the quality of the economy, and the general health and wellbeing of the people, apart from endangering national security.

Ms Lungu explained that the move was prompted by several fires recently experienced  in Lusaka and other areas where billons worth of property has been destroyed because of suspected electric faults or poor wiring in the affected buildings.

“Over 700 rolls of failed electric cables have been confiscated in the Lusaka City town centre area following surveillance inspection to establish the number of failed brands of electric cables that were still being sold on the market. You know there have been so many fires which have destroyed buildings and houses which could be as a result of the poor quality of wires used during the wiring,” she said.

She explained that many traders needed some education on the quality of products on sale to their customers, instead of offering substandard items to the market.

She explained that in Zambia, traders should comply with quality specifications as stipulated under requirement to ZS 688 to avoid bringing into the country substandard products.

And ZABS has confiscated fake polish in Emmasdale and Kamwala shopping areas, products believed to have been smuggled into Zambia through the Nakonde open border point. Ms Lungu explained that although there were personnel stationed at Nakonde to monitor inflow of various products in to Zambia, there were still several other illegal rotes used to avoid import declaration at the border.

And Ms Lungu said the disposal of the confiscated products was a punishment to the traders as they were expected to fund the exercise as required under the auspices of the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).



One thought on “Fake electric cables, polish confiscated

  1. These cables they have been in circulation for long I wonder why the ZABS have come to take this exercise today.
    I’m un electrician by profession, I discovered about these cables as early as the 2008,we did report of the matter but to no avail,these cables they look thick han the normal ones and when using them they are fragile and not flexible as they break at any point.
    You can electrify the house but only to discover maybe the light are not working or with many unusual power cuts.
    Most likely clients who buy these cables unknowingly will accuse the electrician of being un profession.

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