Scott not an angel of PF

VICE-President Guy Scott must not be projected as the angel of the ruling party because he is among the people that were causing confusion by creating his infamous A-Team which President Michael Sata is now dismantling, a Patriotic Front (PF) devotee has charged.

Rachael Chileshe, a Lusaka PF disciple, said it was surprising that a media house strongly aligned to Wynter Kabimba who was dismissed as justice minister and secretary general of the ruling party had launched a “keep Guy Scott clean” campaign when the Vice-President had not been threatened with dismissal.

Ms Chileshe said the PF general membership and Zambians in general had not forgotten that Dr Scott was on record as having declared that Mr Kabimba was his boss when President Sata was the head of the PF and government.

Ms Chileshe said the fact that a “keep Guy Scott clean” campaign had been launched by the newspaper that had suddenly turned against the PF and its senior leaders after the dismissal of Mr Kabimba meant that there was something wrong that had been committed and attempts were being made to cover it up.

She explained that those who were projecting Dr Scott as an upright leader with no blemishes should know and understand that Zambians were seeing through the propaganda and warned that should the media house continue on its campaign, there was a danger that “a cane of warms” would be opened.

Ms Chileshe said the general membership of the party was wondering why some MPs from Luapula and other interest groups were projecting Dr Scott as the cleanest in the party while vilifying and demonizing senior cabinet ministers such as Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.

“After President Sata fired Mr Kabimba, some section of the media have embarked on their keep Guy Scott clean campaign and they are projecting him as the angel of the PF. We have not forgotten that Dr Scott was part of the leaders causing confusion when he created his A-Team. Now that his boss is gone, we strongly believe Dr Scott’s loyalty is certainly questionable and that is why there is propaganda to launder him as the cleanest in the party,” Ms Chileshe said. She disclosed that on the 19th of September during the official opening of the fourth session of the 11th National Assembly, a senior aide in the office of the Vice-President approached her and accused her of being among a group of people scheming to hound out Dr Scott from government and the party.

“During the opening of Parliament, I was confronted by one of Dr Scott’s aides who accused me of working against the Vice-President. Dr Scott knows me personally and if he had such information, he would have easily called me to find out. However, if Dr Scott has done nothing wrong, he has no cause to worry,” she said.