Chinese firm focuses on providing quality service to Zambia

A CHINESE Construction Company undertaking a number of construction works in Zambia has pledged to provide the best quality services with the view to establish its stay in the country.

Shanghai Construction Group Company Limited (SCG) deputy general manager in charge of international department, Xun Xiaohui, says his company which has conducted a number of construction works across Africa had a vision to find a base in Zambia following the warm relations it had received from the government.

Mr Xun told a group of African scribes that visited his company in Shanghai that his firm had established good relations with a number of African countries following satisfactory construction works it had conducted there.

He said Shanghai Construction group Company Limited (SCG) had conducted various construction works in Africa such as modern highways, bridges, roads, stadia, conference centres and other infrastructure, resulting in the firm gaining a good reputation as a reliable quality service provider.

Mr Xun also said his company had since then acquired numerous contracts running while others had just been entered into and Zambia had the highest number of such contracts in Africa.  “We are looking at possibilities of setting a base in Africa as the continent is a leader of our services and any country in high demand of our services may be the possible future base,” he said.

The SCG deputy general manager disclosed that hid company has undertaken over 160 projects in 40 countries and regions, resulting in the company to raise over US $10 billion in revenue collection, adding that the African market was topping the company’s service demand.

Mr Xun further said that after realising that Africa was the largest market for his company, SCG intends to further develop highways, railway lines, airports and other projects in countries it had already held construction works if they requested the services as directed by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Africa in May this year.

And SCG overseas business department Second Subsidiary director, Li Lin told a ZANIS staffer in an interview that her company entered the Zambian market in 2002 when it was contracted to finish the then marooned now “New Government Complex” in Kamwala area. Ms Li said after satisfactorily finishing the Government Complex, her company won the tender to construct the banquet hall and conference centre within the building in 2009 which was also financed by the Chinese government.

She said the third project her company undertook was the construction of the 50,000 capacity National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka which was started in mid July 2011 and completed in August 2013.

Ms Li said the construction of the National Heroes Stadium was the biggest project the SCG hadundertaken in Zambia using the concessional loan from the China Export and Import Bank at a cost of 94 million US dollars.

She disclosed that the government in 2012 requested the company to consider the project of engineering, design, rehabilitation and construction of parking areas and access road in and to the new stadium which the SCG won the tender and started the project officially in March this year.

Ms Li also disclosed that the parking and access road project was divided into two phases starting with the surrounding road, the square and the parking lots of the stadium which were scheduled to be completed before the commemoration of the Independence Day celebrations later this month.

The SCG Director of Overseas Department further stated that the second phase includes part of the Great North road, an interchange, an overpass and other access roads to the stadium, the project she said was scheduled to be taken in 12 months.

Ms Li has since requested the Zambian government to expedite the release of funds appropriately to enable the company complete the task within the stipulated time.

“We will take efforts to complete the objective while we expect the government of Zambia to provide more support on the funds appropriations as we will try our best to complete the whole work with good quality on time,” said Ms Li.

Other projects under the construction of the SCG includes the Chipata- Lundazi road named as ‘M12’ and the Lundazi-Chama named ‘D103’ as part of the national highway network of Zambia.

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