Distribute inputs early, Govt urged

SMALL-scale farmers in Southern Province have called for early distribution of farming input if they are to realize a good harvest.

Richard Siakantu a farmer from Kalomo, said failure to distribute the inputs on time would continue to affect the 2014/2015 farming season and it was likely to result in a poor harvest.

He said that despite reports that the government had started distributing farming inputs to some parts of the country, farmers in Kalomo had not yet received the input.

“Sometimes you find that even if the farming inputs are distributed in the area, it will take time for the farmers to receive them and in most cases you find that we face the same problem of not having a good harvest, and therefore it will be fair if these inputs are given to farmers no sooner,” he said.

Mr Siakantu explained that there was need for government to increase the allocation of inputs especially fertilizer to realize a good harvest this farming season.

He said the reason food security was under threat was due to poor distribution and coordination of fertilizer under government’s Farmer Input Support Program (FISP).

He said this had jeopardized the farming activities in some parts of the country, adding that farmers did not want to experience such a situation anymore in the coming farming seasons.

“What we hear is that they are distributing the inputs but we don’t know when we are going to have the inputs as we are already in the season, anytime the rains are starting,” he said.

Mr Siakantu said as much as the government efforts were realized, it was important that they monitored the distribution of farming input so that all the farmers benefited from the programme.

He said usually farmers failed to utilise the input because it was always distributed late, a situation which had affected farming.

Mr Siakantu said farming if properly revamped was able to boost the country’s economy as it would alleviate poverty levels which were so high.