FNB must explain new service charges

SOME clients of the First National Bank (FNB) have complained about the sudden upward adjustments to various charges for the services the financial institution is offering.

Some customers complained that they received information of the new bank charges less than 24 hours before the effective date which was September 1, 2014.

The clients complained that some of them did not even know about the new charges until they checked the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) receipts when available.

“We do not understand this increment which the bank has introduced without informing us as customers.

“There should be rules about informing customers about increments and not just putting extra costs which catch us unaware,” one customer complained. The customer said with the long queues at most of the ATMs, some people did not even wait for the receipts to verify the charges and end up paying without knowing.

And some FNB clients have complained about few ATMs which are making it difficult for users to easily get their money.

The customers have complained that some ATMs stay without money for long hours while long queues have marred the smooth operations of the service managed by some commercial banks around the country.

“It seems the banks have failed to effectively manage the operations of the machines which frequently run out of cash especially during the month end salaries period.

“It is either no money or out of service or no receipts or nothing at all at times,” one customer Eliot Mpande explained.

Mr Mphande said most ATMs did not produce receipts after the transactions due to absence of till roll forcing some customers to use the off-the-counter service at an extra charge. He said ATMs should be outside banking but with the hiccups in their operations, they are becoming inconveniencing as they did not give the customer the required services.