‘Greed for power killing PF’

THE Patriotic Front (PF) is suffering from a leadership crisis because of the greed for power by most of its senior officials, political activist Dante Saunders has observed.

But PF deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga said there is absolutely no infighting in tthe ruling party.

Mrs Atanga told Daily Nation in an interview that as PF deputy secretary general she was not aware of any infighting in the party.

Mr Saunders said it was evident that the ruling party had been plunged into a leadership crisis because of the power struggle that has emerged especially that President Michael Sata could not be running for the second term as a result of his failing health.

Mr Saunders said no one was accusing the PF of having intra-party differences but the ruling party leadership had continued washing dirty linen in public.

Mr Saunders stated that the PF leadership had been in wrangles from the time they formed government and that the current cracks in the ruling party were as a result of the power struggle currently going on.

“I have said several times that there is nothing much that is expected from the PF government because they are all power hungry. Each one is trying to make full of his own position and the politics of the belly have reached the worst levels in this government,” Mr Saunders said.

He said that there was no one to trust in the PF for leadership adding that President Sata had exhibited unpredictable conduct capable of anointing anyone to take up the presidency of the PF.

Mr Saunders expressed concern that the party in power was wracked by squabbles were affecting the development of the nation, adding that the members were only united by the presence of Mr Sata.

“They know what is going on and that is why all of them are trying to show that they are loyal to the appointing authority when they are the ones who are putting everything in a mess,” he said. He said that the continued power struggle in the rank and file of the Patriotic Front party did not augur well for the nation because it was creating a sense of national insecurity.

He said for as long as the President kept on in hiding for the reasons best known to him and his allies, there was nothing positive that was expected from the PF.