Shamenda mocking Zambians over Sata’s work culture

THERE is nothing honourable for President Sata to continue discharging functions of the Office of the President when he is not feeling well, Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said.

And Father Bwalya said the PF government was characterised by confusion, contradictory policies and general governance statements because they have remained the most disorganized ruling political party in history.

On Tuesday Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda advised Zambians to emulate President Sata’s work culture because, despite being unwell,  has continued to be productive.

“I would like to advise that no one should emulate President Sata working while he is not well. There is nothing honourable about going for work when you are not feeling well. When you are sick you should go to the hospital, get better and come back,” Fr Bwalya said.

He challenged government to tell the nation whether the President was terminally unwell so that somebody could take over from him instead of putting more pressure of work on him.

“When someone is terminally ill, he can be going to work because he can’t get better. If this is what government wants to see, let them come out and say President Sata is terminally unwell. Even in that case, the President Sata should step down and get somebody who is able to shoulder functions of the office of the president to take over,” Fr Bwalya said.

The ABZ leader advised Mr Shamenda not to inculcate wrong values in children to execute certain duties when they were sick. Fr Bwalya said he could have commended President Sata if his trip to the US could have helped Zambia attract investors to come and invest in Zambia.

“If the President went to New York and he had endless meetings enticing investors and companies to come to Zambia, and promise huge sums of foreign direct investment (FDI), then we would have commended him for such kind of work,” he said. The opposition leader also observed that President Sata’s performance has tremendously dropped as compared to what he was in the opposition and as governor of Lusaka and minister without portfolio. Fr Bwalya commended Mr Shamenda for admitting that President Sata was not well although he had continued to perform his duties.

And Fr Bwalya said PF government was characterized by confusion and contradictory statements which was not inspiring confidence of the people. He said a number of issues including the constitution making process ministers have issued contradictory statements until they were ordered to stop commenting on the process.

“PF is party characterized by confusion, and this kind of party cannot inspire confidence and many of us believe it cannot deliver social, political and economic development because of contradictions and inconsistencey in all areas.

‘‘The only party where you will see a minister of finance being publicly overruled by the President on an issue and in a manner that clear shows lack of consultation and common ground where policies are concerned,” he said.

Fr Bwalya said contradictions and inconsistences in PF Government were ‘‘worrisome because this kind of confusion clearly shows lack of collective responsibility and capacity to sit down together and agree on common policies’’.

“We have seen, unfortunately, on a number of occasions where ministers are pulling in one direction and the President is pulling in another direction, and the whole thing is concoction of confusion,” he said.