Induced defections rile UPND

THE UPND is upset with the Patriotic Front (PF) for duping its councillors and enticing them to defect to the ruling party saying such action is provocative.

UPND vice president Richard Kapita said the action by PF to dupe and entice UPND councillors was an attempt to cause by-elections.

“The recent duping or basically abducting of our councillors from various parts of the country by the PF party, some from as far as Mwinilunga in North-western province, is a provocative action that cannot be tolerated.

“The PF abducted our elected councillors, brought them all the way to Lusaka and forced them to renounce the UPND, with a view to create by-elections,” he said.

Mr Kapita said enticing councillors to resign and cause by-elections was another wasteful venture which came at a time when there was lack of government bursaries at the University of Zambia (UNZA) and other higher learning institutions.

“We have always wondered why the bankrupt PF government have so much appetite for by-elections at a time the cost of leaving is unbearable for majority Zambians, farmers have not been paid, hospitals have no medications, several government departments are highly indebted due to lack of funding, civil servants are not receiving salary increments but PF would rather create an atmosphere for continuous by-elections,” he said.

He said it was surprising that the PF regime has continued with such “evil schemes”.

Mr Kapita challenged PF government to call for a general election instead of piece meal arrangements that the Zambia people were now tired of.