Janza under pressure

ZAMBIA national soccer team coach Honour Janza should feel the pressure to qualify the Chipolopolo to the Morocco Africa Cup of Nations next year after starting on a poor note, veteran Coach Wedson Nyirenda has said.

Nyirenda said Janza has no option but to win all the remaining four games and qualify the Chipolopolo to the Morocco soccer piece next year.

In an interview yesterday after watching the Green Buffaloes and Nkana game at Woodlands, Nyirenda popularly known as Wada said the team did not start on a good note by losing a game and drawing one collecting only a point.

He said qualifying to Morocco was a must and therefore, the Chipolopolo should work extra hard to collect maximum points in the remaining four games.

“We have not started well but that does not mean that we are out of the race. I know Zambia, we can start on a shanky note like this, we have started badly before but we have qualified to the AfCON finals. I have seen Niger and Mozambique playing, I went to watch that game and I saw Mozambique,” he said.

Nyirenda said there was need for Chipolopolo to put their mind together and show concentration and commitment in order to qualify.

He also warned the national team against underrating other opponent, saying there were no longer underdogs in football.

“The mistake we make is we underrate other teams, I talked about this a few months ago when I came home for a break and I am still saying it, we should not underrate any team in this business if we are to qualify to the AfCON finals in Morocco next year,” he said.

Now we know that making other teams to be under dogs is long gone and a danger thing to do. So the best thing we must do now is to go all out and fight. We have to work against the mistakes we have made in the past,”

He said the Niger game was a tramp card for the Chipolopolo to qualify to the Morocco soccer piece, “we need to win and if we fail the least result we must collect from Niger is a draw. A loss will be a dead end for the boys, the nation and Zambian football.”

Nyirenda observed that the Chipolopolo had a problem with home games because they failed to collect three full points.

“The problem we have with home games is that we are failing to collect three full points, we must work towards that (winning games) at home. I know people can talk and are talking, I know Zambia is Zambia, people are talking and we have to do it,” said Nyirenda.