Heads of security wings compromised

PRESIDENT Michael Sata should consider firing some of the heads of State security wings because it has become clear that their loyalties are divided, says Paradious Sakala.

He said this was the reason why there was inertia on the part of these officers to crack down on those alleging to be stealing government secrets and undermining the party in power.

Mr Sakala, who is former Kapoche PF losing candidate, said it was strange for all State security agencies to have failed to act on clear criminal acts of stealing State secrets even after there had been complaints from government.

He said it was shocking that some media houses had gone as far as invading the privacy of ministers and recording their private conversations and publishing them without the police and other State security wings taking action.

Mr Sakala said there was a danger that President Michael Sata could be a victim of such criminal  illegal recordings and that the scam of stealing government secrets was posing a security risk to the country and its  governance.

He stated that State security wings such as the Zambia Police and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) should not wait for instructions from government to deal with criminal acts such as stealing and circulating State secrets.

He said this was the first time that individuals and institutions could be tolerated to secretly record and publishing private conversations of government ministers such as Alexander Chikwanda.

He wonders why there had been inertia on the part of the police and DEC to act on government’s complaints over stolen State secrets, adding that there was a danger that the people with classified State documents could easily blackmail and sabotage government.

“President Sata should either fire or shift some of the heads of the country’s security wings because it is clear that there is divided loyalty. Stealing government secrets and recording private conversations of ministers borders on breach of national security and we are worried that the Zambia Police and DEC are exhibiting inertia in acting on these criminal acts.

‘’Where is our security if people can steal government secrets and no action is being taken? .

Mr Sakala said President Sata should realize that the cartel was still active because most of its members were still in the party and government, adding that the earlier the Head of State took action the safer for the country and government.

He stated that the PF and government was aware of its enemies and that the cartel would never rest until it achieved its objective of making the ruling party stay in government for one term.

He explained that although President Sata was preaching peace and unity in the party, there was need to get rid of elements that were blackmailing and sabotaging government.

“In as much as we want unity and peace in the party and government, it is a fact that the cartel is not sleeping because they do not want us to go beyond 2016. We need to immediately offload some elements that are sabotaging government programmes. Government secrets are missing and are in the wrong hands and everyone is quiet,’’ he said.

One thought on “Heads of security wings compromised

  1. Just following the issues, its like other people are more powerful compared to all the people in this country including the Pf Government. M’membe is more powerful the way it seems. Suppose it were you Mr. Sakala, this time we were going to be reading about you appearing in court.

    Hehehehehehe may Jesus come fast to bring to an end this nonsense of hatred and fighting in this country and the world over. People let us preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all corners of this world to enhance the coming of our Lord Jesus.

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