ACC clears Kambwili

THE Anti Corruption Com- mission (ACC) has cleared Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili of alle- gation of abuse of authority of office.

ACC public relations manger Timoth Moono said yesterday that alleged abuse of authority of office against Mr Kambwili over congratulatory advertisements placed in the print media regard- ing acquisition of his degree from Copperstone University were concluded and were not proven, as there was insufficient evidence for prosecution.

And the ACC has arrested a for- mer chief executive officer of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) for alleged corrupt practices.

Mr Butler Asimbuyu Sitali, 52, was arrested on Tuesday for al- leged corrupt practices contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Details of the first count are that on dates unknown but be- tween 1st September, 2014 and 24th September, 2014, Mr. Sita- li allegedly offered and actually gave K500.00 cash gratification to an employee of ERB as an in- ducement for him to illegally ob- tain copies of documents from the board.

In the second count, on dates unknown but between 1st Sep- tember, 2014 and 24th Septem- ber, 2014, Mr. Sitali allegedly of- fered K500.00 and actually gave K100.00 cash gratification to an

employee of ERB as an induce- ment for him to further illegally obtain more copies of documents from ERB.

Mr Moono said Mr. Sitali has since been released on bond and was scheduled to appear in court soon.

Mr Moono also said the al- leged abuse of authority of office against former Cabinet Office

Permanent Secretary for Admin- istration Anna Mwitwa Mwewa had been referred to the National Prosecutions Authority for possi- ble consent to prosecute.

The other case referred to the National Prosecutions Authority was that of former deputy min- ister of Agriculture and Livestock Rogers Mwewa.

It is alleged that Mr Mwewa,who is Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament, abused the author- ity of office, in the manner Con- stituency Development Funds were utilized in his constituency.

Mr Moono also said following the acquittal of former Ministry of Health human resource man- ager Henry Kapoko, the commis- sion had filed a notice of appeal.

“The commission would also like to take this opportunity to inform members of the public that even though Mr Kapoko and his accomplices were acquitted recently by one of the courts, he is still appearing for trial before four other different courts, and these matters are all related to the alleged theft of over K10 mil- lion public funds at the Ministry of Health exposed in 2009,” he said.

And Mr Moono said the com- mission had received a total of 298 reports of suspected cases of corruption in the first quarter of 2014.

He said out of these cases, the commission instituted investiga- tions on 56 cases.

Mr Moono said the commis- sion’s desire was to have a Zam- bian citizenry engaged in the fight against corruption.

He said the commission be- lieved that stopping corruption was not just about punishing the corrupt, but instead a holistic ap- proach to addressing corruption which went further than crimi- nalising and prosecution.