PF infighting a shame

WE condemn the intra party violence that the Patriotic Front cadres engaged in on Monday in Livingstone when their Secretary General Edgar Lungu addressed in the council chambers.

The Patriotic Front should put its house in order to be seen as an organised political party able to continue providing the much needed leadership of the country.

What Zambians saw through the cameras of the national broadcaster in Livingstone on Monday evening cannot pass for a political party that is in control of national affairs let alone harmony with itself.

The beating up of Patriotic Front cadres suspected to be supporters of Wynter Kabimba who was dismissed from both the PF secretary General and Minister of Justice positions is simply anarchy and not an expression of democracy.

Democratic party cadres do not respond to divergent views through physical  confrontation.

Democracy is all about winning an argument through persuasion after advancing reasonable explanation on a particular subject.

The beating up of Mr Kabimba’s supporters is simply a sign that the PF is divided and its leadership should do something about the internal differences.

Political harmony has been elusive in the PF.

If it is not the party cadres fighting each other, then it is the senior members in party fighting for position

The PF leadership has a duty to instil discipline among its rank and file to assure Zambians that the PF is a peaceful political party to be entrusted with power.

If the PF cannot discipline its cadres, then Police should move in as fighting is a crime against the State.

The Police should not look at the people involved but apply the law as it should to ensure all citizens are protected.

Failure to instil discipline will definitely drive fear in the opposition and other ordinary citizens who would fell unsafe.

But we did not expect that three years after assuming power, the ruling party would still be refining itself through physical fights.

What we were expecting was a ruling party with well-coordinated programmes and a political membership which is disciplined.

The PF should not drive the country backwards through their appetite for physical fights which have in the past seen loss of life.

All well-meaning Zambians should condemn the emerging infighting in the PF.

For the PF leadership, this is a sign that they are also not safe from their cadres who disrespected the chief executive officer of the party.

Maybe , the last voice should now be heard to instil discipline in the ruling party.