PF not part of vendor programme in Lusaka

The Patriotic Front in Lusaka has distanced itself from allegations that its members have hijacked the Lusaka City Council vendors’ reallocation programme.

PF’s Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula Ward councillor Daniel Kalembe said the programme to move street vendors from the central business district to Simon Mwewa Lane was a council initiative in line with the 50 years independence Jubilee celebrations.

Mr Kalembe claimed that some people with ill intentions to destroy the party’s name were spreading false rumours that PF cadres had taken over the project.

“There are people wanting to gain political mileage from spreading false information about the PF that our members have taken over the area earmarked for the relocation of vendors.

“This is a council project to clear vendors from around the central business district in readiness for the Jubilee celebrations. It is not a PF programme and there are no party officials involved in the project,” he said.

He was reacting to allegations published in the Daily Nation yesterday that some PF cadres from Kanyama were demarcating the land earmarked for the vendors to other people.

Some vendors accused the cadres of demarcating the area between Kanyama’s Los Angeles Road and Chibolya Basic School and allocating it to other people.

The council, in collaboration with the vendors association in Lusaka, has a list of registered traders who should be moved to the new location.

Currently, the area was being serviced with proper drainage systems, adequate lighting and shelters before the actual relocation process was effected.

And PF Kanyama constituency youth chairman Frank Mashunye said they had no influence in activities taking place at the vendors’ site as it was entirely in the hands of the council.

He said the party in Kanyama had no hand in the works taking place opposite the Simoson Building.

“We understand that the council has a register for vendors which they will be using to allocate stands at Simoson, we have no part in it, not in any way,” he said.

LCC has embarked on a programme to move street vendors from the major roads in Lusaka’s central business areas to the western part of Lumumba road.