Leaking State secrets sign of divided govt

THE stealing of State secrets and leaking of government classified documents while State security wings are watching is a dangerous sign that President Michael Sata’s government is deeply divided, former deputy minister in the Frederick Chiluba government Alfred Ndhlovu has observed. 

Mr Ndhlovu said the PF was full of people whose loyalties were extremely divided and that is why State secrets and classified documents were being stolen and shipped to the enemies of government.

Mr Ndhlovu said President Sata made a dangerous mistake of incorporating people of questionable political characters in his government who were now blackmailing and sabotaging his government.

He told the Daily Nation that the continued leaking of classified government documents and the stealing of State secrets would continue haunting President Sata because some of the people he included in his government were nothing but criminals.

He said that from the time Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda announced that those who owed the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) should pay, he (Chikwanda) had become a victim of slander, malice and blackmail.

Mr Ndhlovu said it was not surprising that there had been inertia on the part of State security wings to investigate the criminal acts by what he termed loan defaulters because the government and security system had completely been compromised.

He said some of the people in government and the entire system were on the Zambia Police wanted list but that action could not be taken because of the positions they were holding both in government and the party.

Mr Ndhlovu explained that the stealing of State secrets, leaking of classified documents and recording and publishing private conversations of citizens were meant to undermine President Sata and his government.

He said that the leakages and stealing of secrets would not stop for as long as the people with divided loyalty were still in government and close to President Sata.

“The PF has all sorts of characters with highly questionable political backgrounds. President Sata made a mistake by including people into his government who owe Zambians money. Most of the people in the PF government have never believed in President Sata and that is why they called him names and verbally assaulted him when his chances of becoming president were remote. These are the people who are stealing and leaking State secrets and if Mr Sata is not going to dismantle the cartel blackmailing him and sabotaging his government, there is a danger that the country may become ungovernable,” Mr Ndhlovu said.

He stated that following the dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as justice minister and secretary general of the PF, the ruling party had witnessed the worst forms of hatred against President Sata, Mr Chikwanda and Edgar Lungu who is the new justice minister.

He said Mr Lungu was the most neutral and true member of the PF because he had never belonged to any other political party in his life apart from the ruling party and that those fighting him were nothing but hijackers. Mr Ndhlovu stated that there was a group in the PF that would make sure that Mr Lungu did not succeed in bringing peace and unity in the ruling party.

“Leaking, stealing and smuggling government secrets are a criminal offence and these criminals are known. We do not expect these acts to stop and even if we took angels to the PF, for as long as they not speak the language of those who owe Zambians money through unpaid loans, they would be demonized and vilified. ,” Mr Ndhlovu said.