Kapata warns those dividing PF

TOURISM and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has threatened that she will mobilise party members and  deal with people claiming that the Patriotic Front (PF) is the most undisciplined ruling party Zambia has ever had.

Ms Kapata said Zambians were awere that some media houses had embarked on a crusade to demonise the PF and selected government leaders so as to divert attention from its own peoblems.

She said a named media house was attacking Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda because they had failed to “convert him so that he could trade his political soul with their agenda of breaching tax laws by avoiding to pay tax’’.

“Those claiming that PF is the most undisciplined must know that they enjoyed the goodwill of President Sata and the PF and must stop behaving like they own the party.

‘‘The PF is not their party for them to continue weeping and mourning about the dismissal of their friend. Since their friend was fired, the PF had become tribal, corrupt, violent and undisciplined.

‘‘The media house has gone too far and let them know that we can easily stop them. They were tolerated by the previous governments and they thought they would manipulate the PF. Their time of reckoning is coming very soon,” Ms Kapata said.

Ms Kapata said it had become clear that the media house had embarked on a crusade to destroy the ruling party following the dismissal of a strong ally of the media house.

Ms Kapata said the PF was aware that the media house  was behaving like a political party and that the ruling party was gong to orgasnise itself and defend President Michael Sata and Edgar Lungu who is Defence and Jusctice minister as well as seceretary general of the party.

Ms Kapata apealed to President Sata and Mr Lungu to quickly deal with all the government and party officials whose loyalty was divided because those were the people stealing and leaking State secrets.

She said the PF ‘‘experienced the worst forms of violence before Mr Lungu was appointed  secretary general and that calm had returned to the party.

Ms Kapata said the people who were causing confusion in the PF were those whose layolty was divided and that it was time President Sata and Mr Lungu cleansed the ruling party so that it could concentrate on delivering to the people.

She said it was a reality that there was a cartel in the PF and that the sooner President Sata and Mr Lungu dismantled it, the better for the stability of the ruling party.

She revealed that most of the district comissioners and political secretaries across the contry were not loyal to President Sata because they believed they got their appointments through other influences.

And a PF strong supporter Rechael Chileshe has given the media house a 48-hour ultimatum to withdraw its claims that the ruling party was the most indsciplined Zambia has ever had or face the wrath of the cadres.

Ms Chileshe threatened that should the media house continue attacking the ruling party leadership, she would have no option but open what she termed a “can of worms”.