LCC should quickly clear dead dogs, cats from roads

I  enjoy reading your “Consumer Corner” and I must admit you have started well. Please keep it up. Now we know that we have somewhere where can air our grievances.

My writing to you is to make an ernest appeal to Lusaka City Council (LCC) to take an interest in ridding the city of  dead dogs run over by vehicles instead of leaving them to rot on the spot. Apart from an offensive smell when rotting, they can also be a health hazard because of the flies which might end up in nearby homes  after feasting on the rotten carcass.The health department should make an effort to visit all busy streets in towns every morning to find out if any dogs had been knocked down.

If it is too small an engagement, the council should  contract one or two firms which  will comb the city not only for dead dogs but cats too which are also victims of careless  motorists.

Dead dogs and cats left on the roads also look ugly.