Plastic chair for HH upsets Shakafuswa

Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa on Saturday blew his top and accused the Kulamba Kubwalo traditional ceremony organising committee of disrespecting UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

This was after the organising committee of traditional ceremony of the Lenje speaking people offered Mr Hichilema a plastic chair while other opposition leaders such as NAREP president Elias Chipimo was offered sofas.

This prompted Mr Shakafuswa to confront  oraganising committee chairman Dickson Chitambala demanding an explanation.

“How can you offer our president a plastic chair when other leaders are seated on comfortable sofas? Watch out!” Mr Shakafuswa exclaimed  as some senior headmen watched.

Mr Shakafuswa’s antics almost resulted in the guest of honour, Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba, to abandon the ceremony.

It took the persuasion of Mr Chitambala and other organising committee members for Mr Kalaba to enter the arena where the ceremony was taking place.

This was after Mr Shakafuswa had left the ceremony, leaving Mr Hakainde still seated on the plastic chair .

Mr Chitambala said this years ceremony was being celebrated under the theme “50 years of unity and peace in promoting peace and culture.”

Meanwhile,Mr Kalaba said President Michael Sata would complete working on the projects in senior Chief Mukuni’s chiefdom as soon as possible.

“The PF government will continue taking keen interest in your chiefdom and make sure that projects are completed as scheduled,” he said.

Mr Kalaba said PF government was committed in making sure that it continues incalcating good morals in children.

“We should celebrate this year’s Golden Jubilee  with full knowledge that we are one Zambia one nation,” he said.

Mr Kalaba also reminded Mr Hichilama , Mr  Elias Chipimo and other opposition leaders to be responsive to the people.

And speaking to journalists soon after paying homage to Senior Chief Mukuni Ngombe and other invited chiefs, Mr Hichilema said he was delighted to be part of this year’s ceremony, which came a few weeks before the country’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.  Mr Hichilema reiterated that a country without a culture was a lost one and that the high death rate among youths in urban areas was as a result of loss of their cultural roots.

Earlier, Senior Chief Mukuni complained about some unfulfilled promises such as building of chiefs’ palaces and late payment of peasant farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

In reply,  Mr Kalaba said he understood the chief’s sentiment because he was also from the royal family, adding that PF would build a new palace for the Lenje-speaking people.

The ceremony was attended by chiefs Munokaya Mukuni, Ngambwe, Chamuka, Liteta, Mungule, Chipepo, Mukubwe and Chitanda.