Two govts in PF

PRESIDENT Michael Sata must act decisively to dismantle the emerging parallel government within his administration because there is a danger that the country can easily become ungovernable, former labour minister in the Frederick Chiluba government Peter Machungwa has warned.

Dr Machungwa has observed that a dubious group of individuals that played the role of publicists and propagandists for the Patriotic Front (PF) while in the opposition had created their own parallel power base that was acting like a government within the government.

Dr Machungwa said the unprecedented leaking and stealing of classified government documents and secrets was being perpetrated by a group of dubious characters whose agenda was getting their hands on State power and influence so that they could shield themselves from the law for the many criminal acts they had committed against Zambians.

He said the group of dubious individuals had aligned itself with the PF leadership and influenced the dismantling and dismembering of the judiciary, a critical institution for good governance and quickly established their power base in the judicial system under the guise of judicial reforms.

He stated that the group of individuals that was currently leaking and stealing State secrets managed to get rid of the members of the judiciary they perceived hostile to their illegal activities and agenda.

He said that by dismembering the judiciary, the group had managed to thwart various legal proceedings against them and had continued with their fraudulent and covert activities.

Dr Machungwa observed that the group had become so powerful that State security agencies could only watch their criminal and covert activities helpelessly.

He said that the PF in its ‘desire to get into government at any cost’ employed legal, illegal and unethical means including smuggling into the country of foreigners who unlawfully participated in the country’s electoral system.

“In the desire to get into government, the PF aligned and went to bed with some dubious and shadowy characters that operated as its publicists and propagandists while they schemed their own agenda. By associating with the PF, these shadowy characters, got their hands on State power and influence so as to shield themselves from the law with their criminal acts. By working closely with the PF leadership, the first port of call of these dubious characters was to dismember the judiciary and establish their influence in the judicial system. This has enabled them to get rid of members of the judiciary they perceived hostile to their illegal activities and agenda,” Dr Machungwa said.

Dr Machungwa stated that the shadowy group of individuals had infiltrated the PF and the government by planting their decoys in all government agencies including the intelligence, the law enforcement, investigative and security wings.

He said as a result of the infiltration to gain leverage, the group was able to freely conduct covert operations, perform secret wire taps on citizens including those in high offices while gaining unlimited access to State secrets and classified government documents which they were using to blackmail government leaders they hated.

Dr Machungwa said the civil service had been infiltrated such that the group could easily access information and data they needed to thwart action against them or even use the secrets to threaten and blackmail their enemies.

“This group of shadowy characters has infiltrated various government agencies including the intelligence, law enforcement, investigative and security wings. As a result, these characters are now able to freely conduct their covert operations, perform secret wire taps on citizens, get their hands on and steal government documents and data right under the noses of State security agencies which appear helpless and incapable of stopping or even pursue them,” Dr Machungwa said.

He said some members of the shadowy group were wielding so much power that they could ignore meeting their tax obligations thereby accumulating colossal debts in unpaid taxes and were using stolen classified government documents to thwart attempts by the State to pursue them.

Dr Machungwa explained that while the PF had broken ranks with the group there was a danger the power struggle would get nasty and politically messy unless the government acted swiftly against the group.