ZICTA supervisory capacity doubted

The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) should step up its supervisory capacity over some of the  country’s  cellphone service providers who are taking   Zambians for a ride.

Mr Joe Kasupe of Chawama said it was unbelievable that ZICTA could simply watch over the poor services being offered to members of the public.

Mr Kasupe said  it was pointing that ZICTA had decided to behave in the manner it was doing because it was aware of the shortcomings of some of these service providers.

He was alluding to the concerns raised  by some Zambians over MTN French lessons which he also claimed was was not of benefiting to subscribe “For starters how does MTN begin  to teach French by asking people who have never been in a French classroom to answer back questions in French. This is not only odd but a cheap way of making money from unsuspecting members of the public,

“And yet we have ZICTA who should have been first to notice this serious anomally and members of the public are busy sending answers in the belief that they are learning French,” said Kasupe.

He was supported by Ms Rosemary Kaito of Matero who suspected  that ZICTA knew what was going on but decided to look the other way.

“How do you explain MTN’s  scandalous way of teaching French? Those who have been to French schools will agree with me that what MTN is doing  is totally wrong,” she said.

Ms Kaito said if ZICTA was not capable of doing something about the matter, then government should step in and stop MTN from  conducting those ‘‘hopeless’’ French lessons.

She doubted ZICTA’s capacity to  ably supervise all firms in the communication industry if it could not sort out the ‘ MTN French  lessons problem. Ms Kaito said may be it was  time a fourth service provider was introduded on the Zambian market to enhance the spiriti of competition and in the process improve on the quality of services.

“I think government should quickly introduce a fourth service provider. May be this will improve services to members of the  publuic who are currently being treated badly by some of the current service providers,” she said.

Many subscribers have persistently complained  about poor services from some of the cell phone service providers.

There was no immediate comment from MTN.