Explain K44m Budget allocation to constitution-making – YALI

Government should explain last year’s K44.2 million budgetary allocation to the constitution-making process and how the K29.62  will be used next year, says Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe

Mr Ntewewe appealed to Finance Minister Mr Alexander Chikwanda to explain preparatory works that have been done on the constitution-making process and how the K44.2million in this year’s Budget  had been utilized.

Mr Ntewewe said the government was not being honest in the manner the allocation for the constitution-making process was being done which was a conduit of corruption and financial mismanagement.

“This is playing gymnastics with the people, not being clear on how the money should be spent let alone how the previous allocation was spent,

“Without clear accountability, Mr Chikwanda is only opening up loop-holes for corruption and abuse of the funds; why is he not giving direction of how the K29.62 million will be used?” he said.

He said as YALI, they were concerned with the lack of direction over the disbursement of funds allocated to the constitution-making process.

He said the current budgetary allocation was useless as it did not have a clear direction from the Ministry of Finance on its actual use.

Mr Ntewewe explained that even the K195 million allegedly spent in the initial stages of the process had not been accounted for..

“Where did the K195million go?  What about the K44.2million from last year’s Budget and now where is the K29.26m going?

“there has never been clear indication on the direction of the budgetary allocation, and it is difficult for the people to hold government accountable,” he said.

There was no way government could allocate funds without giving instructions on how the funds should be used, adding that the constitution-making process “has just become a money-making machine for those who wield power in Zambia”.

There has been controversy over government’s failure to establish a roadmap for the current constitution-making process which should include a national referendum as an acceptable mode of adoption before the 2016 general elections.