Tension high between Lozis, Mbundas

TENSION is high between the Lozis and the Mbundas of Western Province following alleged intentions by the Barotse Royal Establishment to dethrone Chief Chiyengele of the Mbunda people in Limulunga.

BRE officials are alleged to have stormed Chief Chiyengele’s palace yesterday and served him with summons to present himself to the Litunga of the Lozi people.

Chief Chiyengele told the Daily Nation in an interview that a group of people believed to have been sent by the Litunga stormed his palace to present the summons.

The chief alleged that he was aware that the BRE wanted him out because he held the Mbunda ceremony last month against the authority of the Litunga.

The Mbunda ceremony was an occasion at which Chief Chiyengele makes his royal appearance to his people and the public in his royal outfit.

Chief Chiyengele said his life was in danger and that he was not sure what would happen to him since he did not make it to see the Litunga.

“A group of people with the Indunas of the Barotse Royal Establishment stormed my palace yesterday and they wanted me to go to the palace of the Litunga where I was summoned but I didn’t go despite the directive from the Litunga,” he said.

Chief Chiyengele said only President Sata could remove him from his throne, adding that the humiliation he was being subjected to by the BRE was unbearable.

“This is their attitude because what they want is that we fall under the Lozis and anything against their will does not work, which is not fair and only meant to mistreat other subjects,” he said.

Chief Chiyengele called on the police to protect his palace, alleging that he was sure the BRE representatives would go back for him.

But the Barotse Royal Establishment Induna Kalonga said he could not comment because he was not aware of what had transpired.

“I cannot comment because I am not aware of what has happened in Limulunga,” said Induna Kalonga.