Elections only cure to PF’s divisions

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary general Edgar Lungu has been asked to call for elections at all levels of the ruling party, save for the presidency, to sort out the shadowy group of individuals who have formed a parallel government in President Michael Sata’s administration.

Former PF Lusaka district information and publicity secretary Wellington Musonda said time had come for the ruling party to cleanse itself by holding democratic elections because it had become clear that the party was heavily infiltrated.

Mr Musonda said there were ministers and members of the central committee who were not loyal to President Sata because they were members of the emerging parallel government that was currently undermining President Sata and some of his ministers.

On Monday, former Labour Minister in the Frederick Chiluba government, Peter Machungwa, said President Sata must act decisively and dismantle the emerging parallel government within his administration because there was a danger that the country could easily become ungovernable.

And yesterday, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga called for the arrest and prosecution of the clique that has continued stealing State secrets and leaking classified government documents because the cartel was undermining government and public confidence.

Mr Musonda told the Daily Nation that some PF Members of Parliament (MPs), ministers and district commissioners as well as some senior central committee members were moles and plants in government and their core assignment was to sabotage President Sata’s administration so that they could take over power.

He said the clique of individuals that almost hijacked the leadership of the PF and that of the nation was still active and that they could only be exposed if the ruling party held elections at all levels except for the presidency.

Mr Musonda said the observations by Dr Machungwa that there was a government within government in the PF were correct and that the leadership in the ruling party should be bold enough to dismantle all parallel structures in government and the party.

“The PF is divided because it has been deeply infiltrated by moles and plants who belong to the clique of individuals who attempted to hijack the PF leadership and that of the nation.

We shall remain as divided as we are now even as we go for the 2016 general elections because there are two governments within President Sata’s administration.

The only remedy to this political malaise is for our new secretary general Edgar Lungu to call for elections at all levels except the presidency so that we can get rid of the parallel structures and government.

The party is divided in loyalty and how can we have government that is not divided?” Mr Musonda wondered.

Mr Musonda said there were some MPs from Luapula and some deputy ministers who have openly declared their support for Mr Kabimba adding that those were the people the party needed to weed out because they were undermining the governance and unity of the party.

He said the party was taking too long to get rid of the cartel that almost usurped State power and that the more the clique was allowed to continue being part of the government, the more dangerous they were becoming.

Mr Musonda said the continued stealing of State secrets and leaking of classified government documents was a sign that there was a clique of individuals who were running parallel government.

He said what was worrying was that even when the culprits engaging in the illegal activities were known, there had been procrastination on the part of the Zambia Police and other State security wings of government to act decisively and arrest the perpetrators.

“We cannot take an ostrich attitude about our political atmosphere any more.

State secrets are being stolen and classified government documents such as the national Budget are being leaked and no one is taking action.

This is an indication that the system is polarized and this is dangerous for the country.

The clique is undermining President Sata, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu and many other senior government officials and all we are saying is “let us be united”.

Where do we get that unity from?” Mr Musonda asked.