LCC retirees protest at Sata’s office

SCORES OF Lusaka City Council (LCC) retirees yesterday staged a protest against the non-payment of their terminal benefits forcing the City Mayor Mulenga Sata to go into hiding within the sanctity of the city council.

The retirees who have not been paid their retirement benefits for more than four years yesterday denounced the government and Mr Sata for failing to raise money to settle their benefits.

Operations at the were brought to a virtual stop as the protestors demanded to physically see Mr Sata who was reportedly not ready to meet the irate former council workers.

The retirees complained that they had been suffering for a long time and it was not fair that the council had continued promising to settle their retirement benefits and it took quick action by the police to prevent the former council workers from entering the premises.

Some of the retirees however managed to go as far as Mr Sata’s mayoral office before the police blocked them and ordered to leave the premises and were informed that they were not going to be allowed to meet the Mayor.

The retirees vowed that they would not leave the council premises until they were addressed by Mr Sata whom they accused had been giving them unfulfilled promises about when they would be able to be paid their benefits.

By lunch time, the retirees were still hovering around the council premises and but that time, it was reported that Mulenga Sata had left and would not be coming back to meet them.

Most of the people who had gone to the council for formal business were unable to conduct their business as the council had been surrounded by the police and they were not allowing any visitor into the area.

A Germany delegation that had an appointment with Mr Sata was forced to reschedule their meeting.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Sata failed as his mobile phone went unanswered.